Youtube copyright claim monetization (100% working trick) | can i monetize my channel with copyright claim.

Youtube copyright claim monetization (100% working trick) | can i monetize my channel with copyright claim.

Youtube copyright claim monetization (100% working trick) | can i monetize my channel with copyright claim.

Hello friends, How to monetize copyright videos on YouTube, Do you also want to know the same. Are you also a youtube creator? And are you also troubled by the copyright imposed on your videos on YouTube. YouTube is the world’s largest social media video sharing platform where millions and millions of creators upload videos every day.

In such a situation, every creator has to create his own unique content and post it on YouTube. What to do if copyright comes on your videos, then let us tell you how to monetize corporate videos on youtube

What is youtube

YouTube is a social media platform where YouTube creators create and upload videos. YouTube is a service provided by Google. By the way, nowadays people have a lot of craze for YouTube, people are very excited to make a career on YouTube.

YouTube is available in all countries of the world YouTube is run in different countries in at least 50 languages. Millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day. So let us further explain to you How to monetize corporate videos on youtube in very easy language.

How to monetize copyrighted videos on youtube

Everyone wants to earn money by putting videos on YouTube, but in order not to put effort in making videos, they steal someone else’s video and post it on their YouTube channel, so that copyright comes on their YouTube channel.

Then he tries hard to remove the copyright from the video but cannot remove the copyright. So let us tell you that How to monetize corporate videos on youtube

(1) First of all, remove the video on which copyright has come from YouTube.

(2) After deleting the video, edit it again.

(3) If copyright has come in the video, then you can rotate or flip the video and post it.

(4) If the copyright has come due to the songs in the video, then add your original voice to that song.

(5) If copyright has come due to any picture in the video, then edit that photo a little and upload it again.

(6) Upload the video in short clips to avoid copyright.

(7) Talk to the owner of the YouTube channel that has copyrighted your video and explain to him to remove the copyright.

(8) After the copyright is imposed, you can get the copyright removed within 90 days.

(9) Put only and only your original content on YouTube as much as possible.

(10) You can also send email to youtube to remove copyright from copyright video.

Stealing someone else’s content and uploading it on YouTube is an illegal process. If you copy and upload the content of any YouTube on your YouTube channel, then it will cause a lot of problem in growing your channel. That’s why upload videos on YouTube keeping in mind the policy of YouTube.

how to monetize youtube videos

To monetize videos on YouTube, you have to put original videos. Can’t upload high quality videos. Along with editing the videos which are training on YouTube, you can also upload videos on YouTube.

I tell you how to monetize videos on youtube.

  • First open YouTube on your phone.
  • After opening YouTube, click on the profile section.
  • Then click on your channel.
  • After clicking on the channel, click on Enable My Channel.
  • After this, read the term and policy of YouTube properly.
  • You will see a dollar $ sign in front of your video
  • A dollar sign means that your video has been monetized.

how to link youtube channel with google adsense

Google Adsense is the biggest source of earning from YouTube. You can generate a good income by enabling Google Adsense on your YouTube channel. By turning on Google Adsense, ads will start appearing on your video, in return for which the YouTube company will pay you. So let me tell you how to link YouTube channel with Google Adsense.

  • First open YouTube setting.
  • Click on the channel and go to Monetization Settings.
  • After this click on how will I paid.
  • Next to this click on associate and AdSense account.
  • After this login with your Gmail ID in the final step.

After connecting your account with Google Adsense, Google will verify your channel, after that ads will start coming before the video on your channel. And Google will deposit the earnings from the ad directly into your bank account.

why youtube videos are copyrighted

When you steal another channel’s video or copy its information and upload it on your YouTube channel, then the YouTube channel from which you have taken this video or information, copyright is imposed on you.

Applying copyright means that all the earnings from this video that you have uploaded on your channel will go to other YouTubers. If you can’t share your earnings with him then you have to delete that video. That’s why post your own original content on YouTube as much as possible.

Nowadays YouTube has many third party companies who talk to the original YouTube video creator and make you an agreement on copyright, according to this agreement, youtuber takes 70% of the revenue coming from the video, and the remaining 30% is given to you. goes.


How to monetize videos on youtube?

According to YouTube’s policy, you will have to give 4000 hours of watch time in 1 year, only after that your YouTube will be monetized.

When is youtube channel monetized?

When you complete 4000 hours of watch time and complete 1000 subscribes, then your YouTube channel gets monetized.

How many videos can be uploaded on youtube in a day?

You can upload 50 to 2000 videos on YouTube in 1 day.

How much does youtube earn in 1 day?

YouTube’s 1 day earning can also be from 100000 to 1000000.

How many subscribers does a YouTube channel get monetized?

It is necessary to have 1000 subscribers for a youtube channel to be original tit

How much money do you get for 1000 views?

You are given $ 1 by YouTube when you get 1000 views.

What to do to avoid copyright?

If possible, use original content only to avoid copyright, if you continue someone, then definitely edit it.

How much does youtube pay in india for 1 million views?

YouTube pays from ₹20 to ₹30000 for 1 million views.

What to do to become famous on youtube?

Keep the quality of your content good. Daily upload new content.

When will you get the silver button on youtube?

When you have 100000 subscribers on YouTube, then you are given a silver button.

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