Who is the father of Free Fire? all information with evidence

Who is the father of Free Fire? all information with evidence

Who is the father of free fire

If you also want to know who is the father of Free Fire game?, then today’s article is being written for you, nowadays it is seen that many people are giving different types of answers on this question. But you should not worry because in this article you will be given absolutely correct information.

There was a time when online games did not even have a name, but in today’s modern era and especially after the advent of the Internet facility in India, the craze of online games among people is increasing day by day. In our country India, BGMI, Free Fire, and Call of Duty, these three online games are played a lot, in the same way many other games are played in India, but the rest of the games are not played in India as much as these three games are played.

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Let’s go, now because of this, people have the eagerness to get information about these sports, if you also ask to know this, then today in this article we are going to give you detailed information about this topic. So read carefully.

Who is the father of Free Fire?

The father of Free Fire is Forrest Li, he was born in China. Free Fire Game was first launched on 23rd August 2017 and Free Fire is the first game that brought the battle royale concept for the first time to mobile.

Who is the father of Free Fire? all information with evidence
फ्री फायर का बाप कौन है – free fire ka baap kaun hai

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free fire vs battleground mobile india vs call of duty

Some of the main information about these three main games are as follows –

DifferenceFree FireBGMICall Of Duty
Downloads500 million+ downloads50 million downloads500 million downloads 
Rating4 Star4.5 Star4.5 Star
Launch date23 August 20172 July 20211 October 2019
Fan base80 million+60 million+70 million+

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