when will bgmi unban in india | When BGMI will unban (100% working) | bgmi unban date in india.

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when will bgmi unban in india | When BGMI will unban (100% working) | bgmi unban date in india.

Hello friends, welcome to all of you. Today we will know when he will come back to India. Bgmi unban date in india.

bgmi unban date in india

Friends, as you all know that 6 months ago like the most popular game free fire was suddenly banned in India and overnight this app was deleted from play store and apple store. The same condition has happened this time with bgmi game.

BGMI game has been deleted from play store from app store. As you all know that bgmi game was the rename version of most popular game PUBG.

First of all, pubg game came in India and after that keeping in mind the security of India, pubg game was banned in India. After that, in view of the high demand of the game, a new version of pubg was brought to India and named placed battleground bgmi.

Which was brought to India with complete conditions, but now again the Government of India has stopped the Battleground game. And ever since it has been closed in India, millions of questions are arising in the minds of people.

What was the problem again that the Government of India had to shut down BGMI in India? Will Indian government bring Bgmi back to India.

Reason for banning Bgmi in India: –

There were many reasons behind the Indian government banning the game in India.

Criminal matters :- bgmi is gradually becoming addiction of people. And due to which criminal activities are also increasing. Recently a 16 year old boy killed his mother and the reason was that the mother used to stop her child from playing bgmi game. Due to this, he got so angry that he killed his mother.

Indian citizen person data leak: – The main reason for the ban of PUBG game was that they were leaking out the data of India and the people of India. And it could have threatened the security of India and the people of India.

indian money :– bgmi had the highest number of players in India, more than 100m downloaders of this game were from India. Because of this whatever money India had was going to foreign companies through this game. However, this reason has not been fully confirmed yet. But this is also being considered as a main reason.

Bgmi game vs Indian rules: –

Government of India has banned bgmi game in India under IT act 69A. According to 69 A, it seems to the Government of India that there is a threat to the security of India through any social media platform. So she will be able to ban that app on any social platform.

Social media report: –

According to the report of social media, no clear reason for the closure of the game is being revealed recently. But Google says that they have done all this as per the orders of the Government of India. The same Kraft company says that they have no complete information about why this app was banned.

Action is being taken on this and will be told when the reason is clear. The same Google says that when he was removing this app from the Play Store and from the App Store, he had sent a notice to krafton company. Don’t know what is the reason that crafton company wants to hide from media and public.

bgmi unban date in india:–

In the end, the question in everyone’s mind is that the way pubg game was renamed bgmi and brought back to India, similarly the name of bgmi game will be changed and brought back to India. Or it will be banned like free fire.

So we would like to tell here that the Government of India has not yet given any clear comment on this. If you are also on any social media site, it is being said that bgmi will be unbanned on this date. So this news is completely wrong because no new latest news has come yet that bgmi will be unban on this date or unban date will be this.

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