What is Rozdhan and how to earn money from it? : Rozdhan is safe or not : Minimum withdrawal from Rozdhan : how to earn money from rozdhan app

What is Rozdhan and how to earn money from it? : Rozdhan is safe or not : Minimum withdrawal from Rozdhan

What is Rozdhan and how to earn money from it?

People adopt different methods to earn money from internet and apps, but do you know what is Rozdhan app and how to earn money from it?

Today there is a buzz of this app everywhere in the internet. Many people are taking advantage of this and have also earned lakhs of rupees.

There are many apps available in the internet as earning apps but everyone is very well aware of their truth.

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Despite working for hours, people do not get anything in their hands and thus people get annoyed with this type of app.

Now the matter arises here that after all what is the special thing in this app and can a common man, a blog visitor or reader or youtuber earn money from it?

So let’s start and know what is Rozdhan app and how to earn money from it?

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What is Rozdhan and how to earn money from it? : Rozdhan is safe or not : Minimum withdrawal from Rozdhan
Minimum withdrawal from Rozdhan : how to earn money from rozdhan app

Introducing RozDhan?

RozDhan is an entertainment based app in which video sharing facility is provided. In this, anyone can create and upload their own video which can be used for entertainment.

People enjoy watching live videos in this. But for your information, let me tell you that not only do you entertain, but you are also given money for referring this app.

When you share its videos, you earn points through it and you get money in return for these points.

You already know about many such apps in which you can earn money through video sharing. The biggest platform among these is YouTube, but it requires a lot of hard work and it requires a lot of hard work to earn money.

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It is very difficult to fulfill its criteria. Apart from this, there are many other platforms which are especially famous for video sharing but it is very difficult to earn money in all of them.

The same thing we talk about RozDhan App, it starts giving you points from day one and on every referral you get points which can be redeemed and converted into money. When you cross the withdrawal limit, you can transfer this money to your Paytm account.

Earn money from RozDhan?

All kinds of people can earn money through this app. From this, YouTuber, blogger or even a normal internet user can earn money.

Here we will know in turn what a youtuber, blogger and a common man will have to do to earn money in it and how to earn money easily by working less and using only his mobile phone.

What is Rozdhan and how to earn money from it? : Rozdhan is safe or not : Minimum withdrawal from Rozdhan
how to use rozdhan app – rozdhan is safe or not

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Visitor: (Common Man)

From this platform, even an ordinary and common person can earn money by just doing a little hard work. Yes, if you are not a youtuber or blogger, even if you do not have a YouTube channel or website, you can still make money by sharing videos in it as well as making friends install the app.

You can share its link in your WhatsApp to do this. Along with this, you can collect points by downloading them through your referral link with friends in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and then redeem them and withdraw money.

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This platform gives a very good facility to a blogger, which makes it very easy to promote this app.

If you are the owner of a website or blog and you bring this app to your visitors through your blog, then it gives you a very golden opportunity to earn money.

I am a blogger and I have earned 12000 rupees from this app.

I assure you that you can earn money easily and fairly regularly with my adopted method. But how can I do this, so let me tell you.

Write RozDhan’s promotional article:

You can write a promotional article giving complete information about this platform. In which you can tell about how to earn money from this app.

Along with this, you can also tell how you connect with this platform and what are the ways in which it gives money. In this, you can earn it by putting your referral link in it.

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By placing a banner:

You can also promote this platform through banner ads. Whenever someone comes to your blog, they will see the banner of Rozdhan and go to it and download its app through your link, then you will get points for that and you will earn.


RozDhan allows Youtubers to connect through RozDhan Youtubers Co-operation Platform. This platform gives four ways to YouTube, through which they get an opportunity to earn money.

If you are a youtuber and keep making videos then you have to run advertisement of RozDhan application for first 1 minute of your every video and promote this app.

Your viewer has to be told about this and its reference link has to be entered in the description below. From where your visitors download through your referral link.

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What is Rozdhan and how to earn money from it? : Rozdhan is safe or not : Minimum withdrawal from Rozdhan
what is rozdhan

Dedicated Video:

Make a video about RozDhan in full detail, in which you promote this company and make dedicated videos from all sides. For which they give you money to promote separately.

In this video you can make a tutorial to earn money from this and tell how to create your account in this app and how to earn points by referring.

Fixed price per download:

If you have uploaded a video for its promotion, then there is a description in the bottom of it, put the referral link there and every visitor who downloads this application by going through that link, then for every download you will get one from RozDhan. Fixed amount is given.

Monthly Salary Agreement Policy:

If you want, you can join RozDhan for a long period, in which you will have to work on one target and this app will have to be promoted through different ways like videos, logos, banners.
For this, you can demand a fixed money every month from them.

Being a YouTuber, you must have understood that what are the ways in which you can earn good money. Let us also see how to join this program.

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  • For this, you must first go to RozDhan YouTuber Platform and create a new account by signing up.
  • Here you will get the registration form, fill it and fill your complete information correctly.
  • When your form is completely filled and completed, then submit it.
  • After this, Rozdhan’s team will contact you on their own and you will be given complete information about how you have to work in this platform.

How to join RozDhan

To join this platform, first of all you go to Google Play Store and download it there or you can download this app through the download link given below here.

When the download is complete, after installing your mobile number will be asked, then you have to enter the same number in it which you use in Paytm.

Apart from mobile number, you can also create your account from Facebook or Twitter.

You get Rs.25 for downloading this app and when you enter the below mentioned Refer Code, you will get extra Rs.25 and thus you are given Rs.50 only for registering.

You can use this Refer Code and know that if you register without Refer Code then you will get only Rs.25.


Now you go to the settings of your profile in this, there you fill all your information correctly like profile picture, birthday, gender, education, phone number etc.

You will get to see all kinds of articles and more videos in its home screen from where you will see the option to share.

Apart from this, by going to the option of Earn Money, you can invite friends by sharing your referral link with the help of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS. Here you will get the option of Share Articles & earn coins.

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On clicking withdraw, you can see your balance there and how many coins have been made today will also be visible, if you have deposited 200 rupees, then you can withdraw money in Paytm by clicking on Withdraw Balance.

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If you are withdrawing money for the first time, then there will be an option to add Paytm’s number, it is better for you to create an account in it with Paytm’s number itself.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the minimum amount for withdrawal in this is Rs 200. And the second thing is that you also add your PAN Card number.

If you do not add the number, then out of your 200 rupees, 40 rupees will be deducted as tax and if you add the number of PAN card then only 20 rupees will be deducted.

For your motivation, I am showing the details of my own account and the screenshot of what I have withdrawn.

I hope that after seeing this you will get an idea of ​​how much money can be earned in this.

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In short

Today’s post will not disappoint you at all, you just have to use it and work hard by giving some time, I assure you that you too can earn money from it.

Today you have learned about a new and effective way of how to earn money online and must have understood very well what is RozDhan, and at the same time you have also understood that what is the way to earn money from it.

This is such a platform by which all types of people, whether it is blogger, youtuber, or ordinary person, there is an option for everyone to earn in this.

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