v badge hack free fire (100% working) . : Best hack to get free v badge in free fire.

b(c)(ffd319 0600ff) v badge code : v badge hack free fire (100% working) .

v badge hack free fire (100% working) .

Friends, if you want to get V Badge in your Free Fire Id, then it is very important for you to know this rule.

What Is V Badge In Free Fire?

Friends, the full form of V  Badge is Verfied Badge i.e. Verified Account, it has many benefits and people also call it VIP BADGE!

What is the use of V Badge

Friends, the use of v badge is not much, but people use it to see their free fire id as pro but it is of no use, it is only used to show the id as PRO!

How to take V Badge?

V badge is not available to everyone, if have a channel on YouTube, then you can take it very easily just need to join free fire partner program

If you are not a Youtuber but have good followers on social media, you can still take V BADGE such as :- Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, many other social media have followers then you can take V badge!

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