A way to make the best use of DJ Alok’s abilities in Free Fire

the best use of DJ Alok's abilities in Free Fire

The best use of DJ Alok’s abilities in Free Fire

DJ Alok is one of the most sought after Free Fire characters since the release of the Free Fire game. Almost every player in Free Fire is crazy about DJ Alok due to Alok’s powerful skills.

DJ Alok’s active skill in the Free Fire game, Drop the Beat, creates a 5 meter aura, Free Fire in Free Fire increases the game speed and restores 5 HP for five seconds.

This skill in a free fire game gives the player many advantages on the field. In Free Fire games, it helps Alok to be versatile and also allows players of Free Fire games to gain an extra edge during their gameplay.

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This article told by us will show you some of the best ways for players of Free Fire games to fully utilize the ability of DJ Alok in Free Fire.

Some of the best tips for using DJ Alok in free fire games.

1. Escaping from the blue zone

DJ Alok’s abilities in Free Fire (Image Via: Sportskeeda)

In the free fire game, only DJ Alok is the character who gives you the maximum benefit of his skills while running away from the Blue Zone. In Free Fire, some players push the ranks while staying with the circle and they mostly get trapped in the blue zone and damage the zone.

Here DJ Alok’s constant healing ability helps free fire players avoid that damage and reach a safe area without having to put a medkit on.

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2. Underwater treatment

In the free fire game, players are often required to swim in water bodies on a map of Purgatory and Bermuda. In many situations, players have to swim and cross while the enemy is constantly firing at them in this game. DJ Alok’s ability will come in handy when we try such situations. In this game, players can use the healing power of Alok while swimming and can compensate for the damage done by the enemy.

3. Use DJ Alok for skill combos

DJ Alok’s abilities in Free Fire (Image Via: ff.garena)

DJ Alok’s ability in free fire games is very versatile and this ability is suitable for almost every character skill combination. Combined skills can be beneficial in both clash squads and ranked matches if this ability is properly added to the free fire game.

For example we can say that DJ Alok, Joseph, Hayato and Dasha are a balanced character combination for every player.

Note: These articles reflect the personal opinion of the author. Readers may have different opinions on this subject.

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