Unlock 22GB of VI Free Data in Just 2 Minutes with Vodafone-Idea: Exclusive Tricks Revealed!

VI Free Data

Unlock 22GB of VI Free Data in Just 2 Minutes with Vodafone-Idea: Exclusive Tricks Revealed!

Now, it’s not just about the name, but the limitless power of action. In the face of challenges in the telecommunication industry, VI has devised a groundbreaking marketing strategy to captivate consumers: offering free VI data.

Recall the internet revolution that swept through India in 2017 with the entry of JIO into the market. The once exorbitant cost of internet services plummeted, making it remarkably affordable. In response, competitors raced to slash their prices to stay relevant in the market. However, sustaining such low-cost, high-data offerings proved untenable for many telecom companies.

TataDocomo, unable to weather the financial strain, merged with Airtel. Similarly, Vodafone and Idea joined forces, giving rise to VI Limited. Consequently, all telecom operators began revising their data plan prices upward.

Even VI hasn’t bowed out of the competition. If you’re a VI user and find yourself running low on data, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of effective tricks that can score you additional free VI data.

Organized in a tabular format, the tricks are presented with accompanying ratings, illustrating the efficiency of each method.

Method 14.0⭐
Data rollover offer4.5⭐
Method 23.5⭐
Method 34.2⭐
Method 43.8⭐
Method 54.3⭐
Method 64.1⭐
Method 74.4⭐
Method 83.7⭐
Method 93.6⭐
Method 104.2⭐
Paytm HATTRICK offer with 100% cashback4.5⭐
Method 113.9⭐
Method 123.5⭐
Method 133.5⭐
{New}Limited user offer✅4.0⭐
Account Specific offer4.4⭐

Method 1: Latest VI Offers in 2023

Offer 1: Spin-the-Wheel Game
Engage in the spin-the-wheel game through the VI app for a chance to win 5GB of free data. Download the VI app, use the spin option, and rest assured that you’ll receive a prize, although the specific details may vary. Some fortunate users may score 5GB of free VI data.

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Offer 2: 5G SIM Bonus
VI introduces a 5G SIM to provide high-speed internet. Order a 5G-ready SIM through the official VI app and receive an outstanding offer of 50GB additional data. Follow these steps:

vi free data
idea free data
  1. Download and install the VI official app from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. On the homepage, click on the “Free SIM delivery at your doorstep” banner.
  3. Enter your delivery pin code and mobile number.
  4. Provide your address.
  5. Receive your 5G SIM at home within 1-2 business days. If your pin code isn’t serviceable, visit the nearest VI service center for an instant 5G SIM.

Offer 3: Vi MAX Postpaid SIM Bonus
Similar to the previous offer, order a Vi MAX postpaid SIM for an additional 50GB of VI data. Follow these steps:

vi free data
vi unlimited data plan
  1. Download and install the VI official app.
  2. On the homepage, click on the “Get more with Vi MAX postpaid SIM” banner.
  3. Select a postpaid plan and choose a VIP number.
  4. Enter your delivery details.
  5. Receive instant 50GB VI data on your postpaid SIM after delivery.

Offer 4: Vi App Usage Bonus
Claim 2GB of free data on the Vi app by following these tips:

vi free data
postpaid plan vodafone
  • Utilize the Vi app extensively.
  • Watch movies, listen to songs, and access Live TV and news on the app.
  • Play games like Carrom and Ludo on the Vi app.
    Regularly engaging in these activities increases your chances of receiving free data from VI.

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Method 2: VI Free Data – Weekend Rollover Offer

VI’s Binge All-Night Offer during Vi Weekend ensures unlimited 3G/4G internet data from 12 AM to 6 AM, accompanied by data rollover, aiming to retain customer satisfaction without any usage limits during this timeframe.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of weekend rollover, it involves the accumulation of unused data from weekdays (Monday to Friday) and its availability for use on Saturdays and Sundays.

Eligibility: To avail of this offer, you must be a Vi customer and have recharged with Rs. 249 or above.

During this period, users can:

  • Watch or download movies.
  • Enjoy web series without concerns about data depletion.
  • Engage in live streaming at a reliable internet speed.
  • Update phones and apps swiftly with unparalleled speed.

VI Free Data Using VI App – Weekend Rollover Offer

For VI users, the Weekend Free VI Data Rollover feature ensures the carryover of any unused data from weekdays to the following weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

Any data not consumed during weekdays automatically accumulates for use during the weekend. For instance, if you have 10GB of data for the week but only use 8GB on weekdays, the remaining 2GB is granted for use on Saturdays and Sundays.

Who is Eligible for the Weekend Data Rollover Offer?

This offer is available to all customers who recharge their numbers with the VI Hero Unlimited Pack for ₹299 or more. Additionally, users can enjoy free VI data between midnight and 6 AM.

This approach ensures a consistent data supply, particularly beneficial for those who tend to use more internet during weekends compared to weekdays.

Method 3: Earn 1GB Free Data by Registering in the VI App

Vi offers a generous 1GB of free internet data for a month when you register for the first time in the Vi app.

vi free data
vi free data , idea free data

How to Claim Your 1GB Free VI Data:

  1. Install the Vodafone app from the Play Store.
  2. Log in using your Vi number and the OTP received on the same.
  3. Upon successful login, you’ll encounter a banner offering 1GB of free VI data for 28 days.
  4. Click on the banner to claim your data, and you’ll soon receive your allotment, keeping you connected for a month.

Method 4: Vi’s 1GB Data for 7 Days Offer

Vi is currently extending free internet offers to its customers, including a 1GB data offer for 7 days. Check your inbox for any such data offers, as they may sometimes be overlooked or considered spam.

How to Check and Claim the Offer:

  1. Log in to your Vi account through the app.
  2. Check for available data offers.
  3. Alternatively, use the code *111# to dial and verify if the data has been credited.

Stay connected with Vi through these data offers and enjoy seamless internet connectivity.

vi free data
idea free data

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Method 5: Dial for 1GB Free VI Data

Make a simple call to Vi and enjoy 1GB of free data with just a few steps:

vi free data
vi free data
  1. Dial either number 1 or 121249.
  2. Upon hearing the voice, press 1 on the dial pad.
  3. Instantly receive 1GB of data credited to your account.
  4. Try this monthly trick to claim your 1GB of free VI data.


  1. Dial number 2 – 121365.
  2. Call and press 5 to activate the offer.
  3. The call will disconnect, and you’ll receive 10GB of data for free.

Method 6: Upgrade to 4G for 30GB Free Data

To enjoy 30GB of VI free data, upgrade your 2G or 3G SIM to a 4G network:

  1. Visit your nearest Vi retail store.
  2. Send a text message “SIMEX” to 55199 from your old 2G/3G sim.
  3. Obtain a new sim card, activate it within 2 hours, and receive 30GB of VI free data.

Method 7: Double Data Offer

For some 1.5GB/day and 2GB/day plans, Vi offers a double data deal. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the VI app.
  2. Log in with your VI mobile number and OTP.
  3. Navigate to the recharge section and select the 1.5GB/day or 2GB/day plan.
  4. If eligible, enjoy the double data offer.

While the offer may not be universal, it’s worth checking in the VI app under the recommended special recharge option before recharging. Who knows, you might get lucky and snag a free data code today. ✅

Method 8: Get 1GB Free Data in Vi with the Aadhan App

Unlock 1GB of free Vi data by following these steps with the Aadhan app:

  1. Install the Aadhan app from the Play Store.
  2. Register your mobile number using OTP.
  3. Verify your email and date of birth for further registration.
  4. Click on the reward link in the menu.
  5. Find numerous scratch cards, some worth up to Rs. 100.
  6. Click on “Refer and Earn” and copy your referral code.
  7. Share the referral link on social media.
  8. Through a successful referral, earn a scratch card worth Rs. 10.
  9. Opt for Vi’s top-up plan of Rs. 16, recharge your Vi number, and receive 1GB of free data.

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Method 9: Flat ₹100 Free Vi Recharge with Mobikwik

Enjoy a flat ₹100 free Vi recharge using Mobikwik with these simple steps:

  1. Install the Mobikwik app from the Play Store.
  2. Create a Mobikwik account and complete full KYC.
  3. Navigate to the recharge option and enter “100” in the amount.
  4. Apply code “INDIA” during the transaction.
  5. Receive Rs. 100 cashback on your Rs. 100 recharge.
  6. Thank Mobikwik later for this rewarding offer.

Method 10: Dial for 14GB 4G Data Free for 10 Days

Uncover 14GB of free 4G data for 10 days with this quick dialing trick:

  1. Go to the dial pad and dial the free data code: 121363.
  2. If prompted, dial 5 and wait for a few minutes.
  3. Receive a text message confirming the addition of 2GB of 4G data per day for 7 days.
  4. Additionally, enjoy unlimited calls during this data period.

Give this trick a try and stay connected with 14GB of free data for your browsing needs.

Method 11: Paytm Recharge App – VI Free Data Offers

To score VI free data, explore these Paytm offers within the app:

vi free data
idea free data , vi unlimited data plan , postpaid plan vodafone

Paytm VI Free Data Offer 1:

  1. Recharge your VI number for ₹99 or more.
  2. Receive cashback of up to ₹15 or more.
  3. Payment must be made through Paytm.
  4. Apply Promocode “WALLETFLAT15” during the recharge.
  5. Instantly get the cashback upon successful payment.

Paytm VI Free Data Offer 2:

  1. Avail an exclusive offer from Paytm.
  2. Recharge successfully using promocode “CRORECLUB.”
  3. Randomly selected 1000 winners get 100% cashback up to ₹1000.
  4. This offer can be tried up to 10 times during the promotion.

Paytm VI Free Data Offer 3:

  1. Complete the full KYC process on Paytm.
  2. Recharge your VI number with an amount of ₹50.
  3. Use promo code “FIRST” during the transaction.
  4. Upon eligibility, receive ₹50 as free Paytm cashback.
  5. Additionally, enjoy ₹38 Talktime credited to your account.

Paytm HATTRICK Offer with 100% Cashback:

  1. Utilize the Paytm 100% cashback offer for VI-free data.
  2. Get up to ₹19 in cashback when recharging your VI number (Also valid for JIO and Airtel).
  3. Use the code “HATTRICK” to avail of this offer.
  4. The offer randomly rolls out to different users every week.

Note: Explore more opportunities for free Paytm money using genuine paytm money-making apps. Check out our dedicated post for a comprehensive guide.

Method 12: Airtel Payment Bank Offer for VI Users

If you have both Airtel and VI sims on your phone or someone in your family uses Airtel, you can leverage this method for additional benefits.

  1. Download and install the Airtel Payment Bank app.
  2. Open the app and initiate a minimum data recharge.
  3. Enjoy 50% cashback up to ₹40.
  4. The cashback will be credited to your Airtel Payment Bank wallet.

Method 13: Get 3GB Free VI Data with Amazon

Here’s a foolproof trick to secure 3GB of free VI data using Amazon:

  1. Log in to the Amazon app.
  2. Navigate to the AmazonPay page.
  3. Check for any banners indicating a 100% cashback offer.
  4. If the option is available, recharge ₹16 for 1GB or ₹48 for 3GB of data.
  5. After a successful recharge, receive your full amount back as cashback.

Stay an active user, regularly checking your Vi app and SMS box for the latest data-related offers. Vi consistently introduces new promotions to attract potential customers.

As a bonus tip, consider using free AmazonPay gift card codes that we regularly share. Redeem these codes, add the balance to your wallet, and utilize the wallet balance for VI recharges—an indirect yet effective method to get free VI data.

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Limited User Offer: Download VI App for 6GB Free Data✅

Here’s an exclusive offer for a limited set of users:

vi free data
vodafone data recharge
  1. Download and install the VI app from the Play Store.
  2. Enter your VI number and login with the OTP received.
  3. Navigate to the “Coupon section” and input the code “GETGB02.”
  4. If eligible, enjoy 2GB of free VI data in your account.

Account-Specific Offer: Dial 12249

Open your dial pad and dial 12249. If eligible, receive a message confirming the addition of 1GB of free data to your account.

This VI free data offer is tailored for selected users and is account-specific. If luck is on your side, you may receive either 1GB or 2GB of free data.

About VI (Vodafone-Idea)

VI, short for Vodafone-Idea, is a leading mobile telecommunications company in India. Established in 2016, VI is a joint venture between the UK-based Vodafone Group and India’s Aditya Birla Group. With a vast customer base exceeding 370 million, VI stands as India’s largest telecom operator.

VI provides data and voice services across 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, and additionally offers broadband services through its fixed-line network. Stay tuned to VI’s ongoing promotions for more opportunities to enjoy free data.

Ongoing Cashback Offers for VI Free Data

Explore the current cashback offers to enjoy additional benefits on VI recharges:

  1. Flat ₹30 Cashback (Postpaid):
  • Receive flat ₹30 cashback on postpaid recharges of ₹299 or above.
  1. ₹15 Cashback with Paytm:
  • Enjoy ₹15 cashback when recharging using your Paytm wallet.
  1. AmazonPay Cashback:
  • Use AmazonPay for recharges of ₹199 or above and receive cashback of up to ₹50.
  1. SonyLIV Offer:
  • Watch SonyLIV for 28 days with a payment of ₹82 and receive an extra 4GB of data.

Using the VI App for Free Data

Unlock free data and enjoy various features through the VI app:

  1. Utilize the Virecharge app.
  2. Top up your mobile phone.
  3. Pay bills and shop online.
  4. Check your VI free data balance.
  5. View transaction history.
  6. Explore trending offers.
  7. Play exciting games.
  8. Apply promo codes for additional benefits.

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Important VI Balance Check Numbers

Stay updated on your VI balance using these crucial USSD codes:

  • To check free VI data balance and more, use the VI balance check numbers.

Note: Some USSD codes may change, and if you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to us through the Contact Us page.

*199*1#Best fit offers for you
*199*2#Vi card balance and usage
 *199*3#Manage your Vi account
 *199*4#Go Digital
 *199*5#Recharge your VI number
 *199*6*1#Find a nearby Vi store
 *199*6*2#Check 4G status
 *199*6*3#Get a quick help
*199*2*1#To know about all the balance
*199*2*2#To know about Internet usage
*199*2*2*1#For total data usage
*199*2*2*1#To keep a check on daily data usage
*199*3*6#Get VI PUK number
*199*3*4#VI email ID update
 *199*4*1#Download VI app
 *199*4*2#Download VI chat on Whatsapp
 *199*4*3#Download the VI caller tune app
 *199*4*4#Download VI movies and TV app

VI Official Helpline Numbers

If you encounter issues or seek information about the latest VI free data offers, reach out to VI customer care through the following numbers:

  • Customer Care: 199
  • Complaint Registration: 198
  • VI VAS Deactivation: 155223
  • Do Not Disturb: 1909
  • Free Data Activation/Deactivation: 1925
  • Mobile Number Portability Helpline: 18001234567

These shortcodes serve as a direct line to VI customer care. For region-specific long codes, visit the official VI website.

For customer care support or offer activation, utilize the provided codes.


While various methods can help you acquire VI-free internet, the mentioned techniques serve as a great starting point. Keep in mind that not all methods may be universally effective, but they offer a good initial approach.

To stay updated on VI free data codes, regularly visit this page, as we promptly update tricks as we discover them. If you’ve tried any of these methods, share your experiences in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is VI offering free data?
Yes, VI provides free data through the Hero Unlimited Pack, allowing users to enjoy data during the weekend. Additionally, VI regularly introduces exciting offers. Stay updated by bookmarking our website to know about ongoing offers for free VI data.

How to use free VI data at night?
Recharge your number with Hero Unlimited packs (starting from ₹279), enabling you to enjoy free data during the night. Unlimited data consumption is available from 12 AM-6 AM at no extra cost, and you’ll also receive 2GB of data backup every month.

How can I get 100% cashback in VI data recharge?
Follow our Paytm methods to secure 100% cashback on every data recharge you perform.

How to get free data in VI?
There are various methods to acquire free data in VI. One effective way is to utilize our free AmazonPay gift card, add the balance to your account, and use the wallet money for a free VI recharge.

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