The 5 Toughest San Andreas Missions in GTA That Tested Players’ Patience.

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The 5 Toughest San Andreas Missions in GTA.

In GTA Games San Andreas has long been regarded by fans and critics alike as one of the best games in the GTA franchise.

Players have praised the GTA game’s vast open world of San Andreas and its carefully curated, side missions.

Some missions in GTA San Andreas are considered too difficult. They require a lot of time spent in the game and even cause outright frustration for the players.

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5 nerve-wracking missions in GTA San Andreas

1- End of line.

This is the final mission of the GTA game San Andreas called “End of the Line”. This mission may well exhaust the player’s patience.

Toughest San Andreas Missions in GTA

End of the Line is a multi-level mission, in which players need to drive a SWAT tank, blow up buildings, kill endless rounds of virtual enemies, cops, and more.

This game makes it all the more difficult to appreciate the end of the game whenever players keep dying over and over again in a heroic attempt to end the game.

Perhaps that’s how this San Andreas GTA game with many disappointing missions should end as well.

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2- Freefall

It’s a one-of-a-kind mission in GTA San Andreas in which players try to pull out their hair while trying to finish it.

Toughest San Andreas Missions in GTA

Driving is one of the toughest ones in the GTA game San Andreas, and flying is one of the toughest ones.

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3- Robbing Uncle Sam

Robbing Uncle Sam is one of those missions in GTA San Andreas where players need to protect their AI partners.

In this mission the players need to go to the dock and deal with the military soldiers.

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4- A Home in the Hills

It starts in the blockbuster genre where players need to jump off a plane to parachute towards the mansion occupied by their friend Mad Dog.

But once they land on the roof, there’s one thing players need to do, which is kill hundreds of normal AI enemies that have taken over the place.

This mission in the San Andreas of GTA game is a pleasant respite from the driving missions, the missions relying largely on the tricky aspect of the game: shooting.

After fighting their way through the player’s mansion in this mission, players need to do some more driving as they hunt down Big Poppa.

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5- Wrong side of the tracks

The wrong side of the track in San Andreas is a mission players probably won’t get on their first try.

In this mission the player rides a motorcycle with Big Smoke where he has to kill the members of the Vagos gang.

This mission is made even more difficult by having players rely on an AI character while they try to stay near the coach of the train on a motorbike.

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