Top 5 Minecraft Farm Ideas For Beginners

Top 5 Minecraft Farm Ideas For Beginners

Top 5 Minecraft Farm Ideas For Beginners

One of the most important things about playing the Minecraft game is gathering the materials needed to thrive in the game.

There are Minecraft farms available for almost everything in the game. While some of them are simple, some can be complex. Even though those players almost always give the same result: a huge collection of resources.

Building farms in Minecraft is a surefire way to in-game success. However, players who are new to Minecraft may need guidance. The following explains five simple Minecraft farm ideas for beginner players.

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Minecraft Farms ideas for Beginners

1 – Villagers

Top 5 Minecraft Farm Ideas For Beginners

In Minecraft game players can lure villagers to trade with them continuously until players offer great deals with items that a player might be looking for. There are several types of villagers in Minecraft that offer a wide variety of merchandise, so players in Minecraft have the opportunity to get exclusive items.

Players can also collect all kinds of villagers in Minecraft and have easy access to a source of valuables.

Although this type of farm in Minecraft can take some time to fully complete, the benefits of trading with an expert villager can be well worth the wait.

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2 – Zombie Gold

Top 5 Minecraft Farm Ideas For Beginners

Players in Minecraft can easily collect a rich supply of gold by farming zombie piglins. In minecraft games these idle mobs have a chance to drop both nuggets and ingots. There are a few different ways to go about this form of minecraft, but none of them are hard.

An alternative to the Zombie Gold Farm in Minecraft is to lure zombie piglins through a nether portal and into the overworld where they can fall to their death. This can be accomplished by creating a drop large enough in the middle of the ground, an overworld nether portal, so that the horde can’t escape the fall.

Top 5 Minecraft Farm Ideas For Beginners

They have to collect whatever they can drop by placing hoppers, chests where they land.

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3 – Meat

Top 5 Minecraft Farm Ideas For Beginners

The easiest minecraft farm to build in minecraft game is cow, pig, chicken or sheep farm. These animals in minecraft games are known to be farm animals in real life, so naturally those animals are quite simple to farm in minecraft games.

Meat farms are beneficial for players in the Minecraft game who have to stock up on food and even collect some XP along the way.

Making these farms in minecraft can be very simple. To do this, players simply need to capture at least two hordes of the same animals, nest them together in a space, and breed them using the food of the crowd’s choice.

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4 – Wheat

Top 5 Minecraft Farm Ideas For Beginners

Players who choose to collect steaks or mutton in Minecraft can benefit from wheat fields. Wheat can be easily made into bread in minecraft.

Wheat fields in minecraft game only need wheat seed, nearby water source, hay and hoe to convert grass into field. Beginners can also visit villages for inspiration as those players usually have an active crop farm.

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5 – XP tower

This is a classic farm build that is very simple and wildly effective. XP Farms in Minecraft allows players to collect multiple levels at once, making it very easy to reach certain level requirements.

farm ideas minecraft

To build an XP tower in a Minecraft game, players have to place hoppers and chests depending on the build. The top tower needs to be about 22 blocks high.

In minecraft this allows the mob to drop to the bottom where the player can kill them and collect XP. At the top of the tower in minecraft there should be a dark circle for mobs to spawn.

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