Top 5 – Free Fire Diamond app | FF Free diamond app |How to get free diamonds in free fire | free diamond app 2022.

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Top 5 – Free Fire Diamond app | FF Free diamond app |How to get free diamonds in free fire | free diamond app 2022.

If you are also a student and you do not have money to buy diamonds in Free Fire or Fire Fire Max. And you are also looking for Free Fire Apps from where you can get a lot of diamonds by completing a few tasks for absolutely free.

So you have come to the right place because friends, today I am going to tell you that which is the best free fire diamond app, I am going to share the information with you. That’s why you must stay with us till the end.

If you want to know “How to get Diamond in Free Fire?” or “How to make money with Free Fire?” So you must read these articles of ours, by this you can eliminate all the problems of Free Fire Game and also earn money.

You must know that how important is Diamond in Free Fire, if we do not have Diamond at the right time, then we miss many great events like Mystery Shop and etc. Events have a good chance, anything absolutely cheap. To pick up in Diamonds.

Diamond Collecting Apps in Free Fire

So friends, today we will know about some such application, so that we will be able to get a lot of diamonds in Free Fire without investment absolutely for free and for this we will not need to spend even a single rupee from our pocket.

You have to complete a few missions and tasks in these mentioned apps and instead you can get diamonds and the best thing in these apps is that you can get diamonds in your uid by the option present in Direct in app, so without Without delay, let’s move on to our original topic.

1) Sports Guru Pro

Dear reader, the name of the first app to get diamond in free fire is Sport Guru Pro, this is absolutely real app and diamond is available in instant free fire id, its download link will be found in the button below.

Or you can also download it directly from Play Store. To get diamonds in this, you have to first open this app and complete the sign up process.

After that you can get Coin by Daily Spin in it and can get Coin by playing game and 10p Coins will be equal to 1 Rupee if you can collect Minimum 100 Coins then you can get Redeem Code of 10 Rupees and buy Diamond. .

Or there is another option in this, in which you earn 400 coins, then you can send 50 diamonds to your free fire id and you can use many ways to earn coins.

App NameSports Guru Pro
Size12 MB
Rating4.2 Star
Download1 Million+

2) Rooter (Diamond Picker App in Free Fire)

The second app in our list is named rooter and if you play free fire or free fire player then you must have heard about rooter app. This is a popular E Sports & Gaming Platform in India, in which any gamer can participate and can make a lot of benefits by showing their talents.

To get Diamond from this, you need Coins and earning coins in it is not a difficult task, you can earn Coins by doing a little work, in this you can convert Coins into money if you want or you can get Diamond in Free Fire.

If you earn minimum 4000 Coins in Rooter app then you can get 50 Diamonds in your Free Fire game and you can use many ways to earn Diamonds in this.

It is very easy to earn coins in this, you can earn a lot of coins in a day. In this, we can take Coins from Daily Check In and by watching videos, registering the app, broadcasting, liking the post, sharing the post and completing the Weekly Task.

Meaning that you can earn diamonds in many ways in this, just you have to follow the above mentioned methods and when you have 4000 coins then you can get your free fire 50 diamonds.

App NameRooter
Size27 MB
Rating4.8 Star
Download10 Million+
free diamond app free fire

3) Mgamer (Top Up Apps in Free Fire)

If you are looking for Free Diamond earning app in Free Fire then Mgamer is 100% Real app in which absolutely real Diamond free fire is obtained and it is completely Genuine app in which Diamond is available in absolutely legal way.

You can guess this from the fact that this app is available on the Play Store and the play store only allows legal and safe apps in its platform. In this you can take diamond very easily.

Coins are available for completing any task in Mgamer app and if we have 4000 coins then we can get 50 diamond in our free fire and earning coins in it is not a difficult task.

In this, we can collect coins in many ways, in this we can read Lucky Draw, Lucky Jackpot, Play Game, Quiz, Free Fire Blog and collect coins in many ways, I hope you work a little hard to get 4000 coins in a day.

App NameMgamer
Size25 MB
Rating4.4 Star
Download10 Million+
free fie unlimited diamond mod apk

4) Gift Play – Earn Game Credits

Friends, you must be getting an idea from the name of this app that what kind of application it is. With Gift Play app, we can take Credits in all online games, we can take Diamond in Free Fire and UC for BGMI game means whatever online game you are playing.

With the help of gift play app, you can take the currency present in the game and by using it, our free fire player can get diamond very easily. You can get up to 210 diamonds in a day.

In this, along with diamonds, you can also take bgmi uc and Google Redeem Code and many options have been given to earn coins in it.

App NameGift Play
Size16 MB
Rating4.3 Star
Download1 Million+
free fire mod menu apk unlimited diamonds download

5) Winzo Games

If you are a gamer then you must have heard the name of Winzo Games, but do you know that with the help of Winzo we can get diamonds in free fire, then now know that Winzo Games has collaborated with Free Fire.

With which we can get free fire diamonds by playing the game in Winzo, for this you do not need to work hard, just download winzo gold from our given link and login through mobile number or otp.

In this, if you login, then you go to the Game section, then you will get to see the option of Free Fire and by going here you can participate in the Tournament of Free Fire, in which you will also have to pay Entry Fee.

When you join it, you can earn up to 30 rupees for doing 1 nail, so that your entry fee will come out in a single nail, the more you nail it, the more money you will get and you can buy a lot of diamonds with this money.

App NameWinzo Games
Size108 MB
Rating4.7 Star
Download70 Million+
ff free diamond app

last word-

So friends, today you know about Free Fire Diamond Apps, I hope that you must have liked this article very much, if you really liked this article, then do not forget to share it with your friends.

If you have any question regarding Diamond in Free Fire, then you can tell us by commenting, we will definitely try to answer your questions, till then take care of yourself.

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