Top 5 Characters of Pokémon Anime.


Top 5 Characters of Pokémon Anime Over 20 Years Old

As you may know that Pokémon Anime has some character that has been adorned with Pokémon Anime since very old times. Even people like all these Pokémon Anime very much. All these slang are memorable for his kindness and his dastardly deeds. Certainly some Pokémon anime are also the most cherished for their skills in the world.

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Pokémon Anime features so many characters that it can be a little difficult for fans to remember them all. Even though perhaps not all of them deserve recognition in the first place.

If you want to know about those top 5 best characters of Pokémon Anime, then read our post well.

Top 5 Characters of Pokémon Anime are :

1. Ash Ketchum

Top 5 Characters of Pokémon Anime
Image Via: hero.fandom

Ash Ketchum is the number 1 character in the Pokémon anime. For Ash Ketchum, no one can argue that this piece is not worthy of the number 1 position. Ash Ketchum is the protagonist of the Pokémon series, the entire show of Pokémon Anime is cantered around his journey to become a Pokémon Master.

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Ash Ketchum has come a long way to begin his Pokémon journey. Ash faced battle after battle in Ketcham and also saved the day on numerous occasions. Even though the trainer of Pokémon Anime has always done his trusty Pikachu on his behalf. Ash Ketchum is also entitled to his share of electric-type credits.

As long as nothing drastic happens in the main plot, it seems that Ash will undoubtedly always be the greatest character to grace Pokémon mobile phones.

2. Team Rocket (Jessie, James, Meowth)

Top 5 Characters of Pokémon Anime
Image Credit: Hero.fandom

Let us tell you that Team Rocket has earned 2nd place for Best Characters in Pokémon Anime. These three have certainly contributed a lot of their proper content to the show.

As you may know, at the end of the day the Pokémon anime wouldn’t be entertaining at all without an enemy who always tries to get in the way of Ash and his friends’ journey.

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Pokémon Anime Team Rocket makes for perfect although it is really quite annoying and hostile to fit the bill. Jesse, James and Meowth have been portrayed more often than almost any other character in the show’s entire history.

3. Serena

Top 5 Characters of Pokémon Anime
Image Credit : hero.fandom

Serena is a Pokémon trainer who is an artist from the Kalos region. Serena is one of Ash Ketchum’s traveling companions during her travels in the Kalos region, Serena’s main goal is to name the Kalos Queen with the highest reputation for Pokémon artists.

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Serena and Ash had met each other before a series of events when Ash had assisted her a lot in her time of need. Serena had flirted with Ash since that day and it has now become one of Serena’s most notable features. Whenever Serena sees Ash, talks to him or fights him, she is surprised and embarrassed.

4. Gary oak

Top 5 Characters of Pokémon Anime
Image Credit: hero.fandom

Gary Oak is a character in Pokémon Anime that appears in the anime series. Gary Oak is the grandson of Professor Oak and a rival for Ash Ketchum in the first few seasons. Gary Oak’s first starter Pokémon was a Squirtle, which has now evolved into a blastois.

5. Brock

Top 5 Characters of Pokémon Anime
Image Via: hero.fandom

In the Pokémon anime game, Brock is the leader of the gym in Petter City in the fictional area of ​​Kento. Joe specializes very much in rock-type Pokémon.

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Brock is a fictional character from the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo. Brock wanted to become a Pokémon master, but as his father left, he had to take care of his siblings for reasons he could not go. This is also the reason that he became the leader of the gym to be closer to his family. His father returns and says that he will take care of the family



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