Best Vehicles in BGMI

The 3 Best Vehicles in BGMI

Best Vehicles in BGMI

Vehicles in the BGMI game are useful for a variety of purposes, including fast navigation around the map and killing enemies.

Players who play standard ranked squad mode matches in BGMI are fond of using player vehicles. Players who play as a team take full advantage of these offerings and easily find loot together.

Today’s article lists the three best vehicles in BGMI.

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Top three vehicles in the current season of BGMI

1 – UAZ (Jeep)

The 3 Best Vehicles in BGMI

This is one of the most common vehicles seen in BGMI game matches. Team players at BGMI use this vehicle because of its four-seat capacity.

This vehicle has the ability to kill enemies on the way. The UAZ is very easy to operate, and enemies found along the way with this vehicle can be killed while navigating the map areas.

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2 – Golden Mirado (Plymouth Duster)

The 3 Best Vehicles in BGMI

Gamers in BGMI can only find one Golden Mirado vehicle in the BGMI mobile map during matches. Players who can get their hands on this vehicle must fully max out the car.

This car drives faster as compared to other vehicles available in BGMI. This vehicle is also the best vehicle for navigating the terrains and high terrains. This vehicle can be found in a typical bungalow, and thus getting there quickly is advisable for players who want to drive it.

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3 – BRDM-2

The 3 Best Vehicles in BGMI

It’s a giant patrol car, it can navigate the back map and destroy enemies in BGMI. The car has a nearly foolproof protective cover which reduces the damage caused by enemies.

A squad of four can also travel in this vehicle.

The only downside of this car is that they cannot aim or shoot while riding the BRDM-2 . But it is very difficult to land this car in terms of defense.

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