Tekken 3 download android | tekken 3 downloading game | tekken 3 full game downloading | tekken3apkdownload35mb .

Tekken 3 download android | tekken 3 downloading game | tekken 3 full game downloading | tekken3apkdownload35mb .

Tekken 3 download android | tekken 3 downloading game | tekken 3 full game downloading | tekken3apkdownload35mb .

Friends, welcome all of you to another new blogpost of Gaming World, in which I am going to tell you how to download a famous game Tekken 3, if you also want to know Tekken 3 Game Download trick, then read this article till the end.

In which I am telling you to download the Real Tekken 3 game, which we used to play in the game shop in childhood and have fun.

So I will tell you about the same original Tekken 3, in which you will get to see exactly the same gaming remote, which you can use as a gaming remote by touching your Android screen and play Tekken 3 game.

By the way, friends Tekken 3 is officially the game of PlayStation 1 (PS1) which was launched for PS1 in the year 1997 and at that time it was a very popular game and people used to be crazy about it.

And seeing its popularity, many parts of Tekken were released and now Tekken 7 is available to play in the market which is available for PS4 but friends we are going to tell you Tekken 3 Download in mobile in this post.

how to download tekken 3 game

So let’s go friends without hurting your feelings and know about downloading Tekken 3 game, I will tell you here about the Android application of Tekken 3 game, which you can download and play Original Tekken 3 and PS1 I will also tell you about downloading Tekken 3.

How to Download Tekken 3 in Android Phone?

Friends, this is the first way in our list to download Tekken 3 which we can play in our Android Phone and it is going to be an Android application which we will be able to download in few minutes.

STEP1- First of all open Google or Chrome browser in mobile.

STEP2- Now search by typing Tekken 3 Apk Download in the search bar.

STEP3- Now you will get to see many websites in the search result and together you will get to see wrostgame.com, then you go to this website.

STEP4 – Now you will get to see Download Latest APK v1.2 button at the bottom, click on it.

STEP5- Now again you will get to see Download Button on one side in which Download APK (49.6 MB) will be found, after clicking on it your Tekken 3 Game will start downloading.

Game NameTekken 3
Size49 MB
Rating4.5 Star

By doing just that, your Tekken 3 game will be downloaded which you can install and play and this is exactly the real game you were looking for.

2) How to download Tekken 3 from Playstation?

Friends, now what I am going to tell you about Tekken 3 Game is the original Playstation game whose size is 437 MB which is designed to play in PS1 but we can also play it in our Android phone, for this we have a PS1 The emulator has to be used, whose download link will be given below.

First of all search by typing Tekken 3 PS1 Iso in Google.

Now you have to visit the first website Cooprom.com.

After visiting this website, you will scroll down and you will see the Download Now button, on clicking on it, Tekken 3’s .7Z file will be downloaded.

When this Tekken 3.7Z File is downloaded, then extract it in your File Manager.

When it will be extracted, then your work is done, now you have to download the emulator of PS1 from Play Store named Duckstation.

When you open the Duckstation app, your File Manager will be seen in it, in which you have to find and open Tekken 3’s Iso File.

By doing this your PS1’s Tekken 3 Game Play will be done and you can play PS1 game in your Android Mobile.

Download Android Game like Tekken 3.

Friends Tekken 3 is a very old Boxing game which belongs to PS1 but there have been many great Boxing Games for Android Phone, which you will enjoy more than Tekken 3 on playing that is why I would like to suggest you an Android Game which is Tekken to play. 3 will give you fun.

And maybe even more fun than that because in this you will get to see the very best graphics and the sound effects are also wonderful whose name is Shadow Fight 3.

Friends, I myself have downloaded Shadow Fight 3 and played it, you will enjoy it as much as playing Tekken 3.

Game NameShadow Fight 3
Size137 MB
Download100 Million +
Rating4.3 Star

4) Tekken 3 Download android ?

If you have not been able to download Tekken 3 yet or you are facing any problem in understanding the article, then by watching this video you can easily download Tekken 3 and play it.


Q1. Who is the owner of Tekken 3 Game?

Ans:- Tekken 3’s owner name is Heihachi Mishima.

Q2. What is the latest part of Tekken game.

Ans:- The latest game of Tekken Series is Tekken 7 which is played in PS4 and PS5.

last word-

Hope you have understood Tekken 3 Game Download trick and you must have also downloaded and playing this game.

Friends, if there is any problem in downloading the game or any other problem is coming in playing this game, then definitely tell us by commenting, we will definitely try to answer your questions and answers.

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