Rockstar games gta 6 trailer leak | GTA 6 release date | GTA VI leaks.

Rockstar games gta 6 trailer leak
(image credit : Rockstar Games)

Rockstar games gta 6 trailer leak | GTA 6 release date | GTA VI leaks.

There’s been a leak of the trailer for the upcoming “Grand Theft Auto VI” game, the next installment in the popular and violent game series. The trailer, originally set for release on December 5, 2023, was released early due to the leak. Rockstar Games, the developer, confirmed that the game will arrive in 2025. Despite the unplanned release, the trailer quickly gained over 95 million views on YouTube within hours.

This new chapter introduces a female protagonist named Lucia, engaging in criminal activities alongside her partner across various settings like beaches, city highways, and clubs, resembling a Bonnie-and-Clyde style scenario.

Rockstar Games, owned by Take-Two Interactive, has faced previous leaks in the past. In 2022, hackers released unreleased content from an upcoming GTA version, causing a stir within the gaming community. The company confirmed the authenticity of the leaked material, attributing it to a network intrusion.

The delay between GTA V’s release in 2013 and the forthcoming GTA VI has generated immense anticipation among gaming enthusiasts.

The reveal trailer for GTA 6 has arrived, delivering everything fans had been eagerly anticipating. Initially planned for release on Tuesday, December 5, the trailer got leaked, prompting Rockstar to unveil the highly anticipated first glimpse of the new Grand Theft Auto a bit sooner than planned. This trailer provides a sneak peek at the comeback to Vice City and introduces the new twin protagonists. You can watch the GTA 6 trailer above to get a preview of what’s in store.

GTA 6 release date: (Official release)

Rockstar has officially confirmed that the release date for GTA 6 is slated for 2025. This announcement was made within the reveal trailer, mentioning that Grand Theft Auto 6 is set to be released sometime in 2025, although specific details about the exact date have not been provided yet.

Before the trailer’s release, internet investigators had been speculating and gathering information. Several sources had supported a rumor indicating that GTA 6 would hit the shelves in 2025. This speculation was part of a broader set of details hinting that the game would be situated in a modern-day version of Vice City.

Interestingly, Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar, indirectly suggests that GTA 6 might be released by March 2025 without explicitly mentioning it. CEO Strauss Zelnick’s statement implies confidence in the company’s fiscal prospects for 2025, hinting at the possibility of achieving new record levels of performance, largely attributed to the launch of GTA 6, although no direct confirmation has been given.

Confirmed Platforms for GTA 6: PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Up to now, the confirmed platforms for GTA 6 upon its release are PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. This information was officially announced via a press release from Take Two. The statement mentioned that “GTA 6 is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 5 computer entertainment systems and Xbox Series X|S games and entertainment systems in 2025.” Notably, there’s no mention of a PC launch yet. This pattern could imply a release strategy similar to previous GTA games, debuting on consoles initially and potentially arriving on PC at a later stage.

Is GTA 6 going to be available on PS4 and Xbox One?

According to the official press release, GTA 6 is set to release exclusively on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, skipping availability on the PS4 and Xbox One upon its launch in 2025. This makes it exclusive to the current generation of consoles.

GTA 6 introduces a character named Lucia.

In the official trailer of GTA 6, the protagonists were introduced, shining a spotlight on Lucia, the first female lead in GTA 6. While much remains unknown about her character, the trailer provides hints, notably showing Lucia dressed in prison attire, suggesting she has a history with the law.

Additionally, Lucia is frequently seen alongside an unnamed male character, whose name hasn’t been officially confirmed, despite being previously referred to as Jason or James. Their dynamic hints at a close relationship akin to a Bonnie-and-Clyde scenario, emphasizing trust as they delve into criminal activities together.

GTA 6 location:

GTA 6 will revisit Vice City, but this time in a contemporary setting, contrasting with the original game’s 1986 backdrop. Rockstar disclosed that the game will be situated in the state of Leonida, encompassing the vibrant streets of Vice City and more. It’s touted as the “largest, most immersive evolution of Grand Theft Auto.” Vice City will likely be part of a larger map shaping GTA 6.

The trailer teases a visually enhanced Vice City, featuring a rendition of rural Florida reminiscent of its real counterpart’s chaos. Recognizable locales like Starfish Island are showcased, leaving fans curious about revisiting iconic places such as the Malibu Club or Ocean View Hotel.

The attention to detail in the updated Vice City, as depicted in the trailer, has enthusiasts drawing comparisons to the original locations, highlighting the remarkable level of detail in the revamped setting.

Are the recent GTA 6 leaks authentic?

An unprecedented leak of GTA 6 occurred on September 18, 2022, spreading alleged in-development videos and screenshots of the game online. Concerns arose about the authenticity of these leaks, prompting Rockstar to confirm a network intrusion where unauthorized parties accessed and downloaded confidential game information. Rockstar expressed disappointment in the breach and assured an update when ready while thanking supporters.

Following the leak, GTA Forums and the dedicated GTA 6 subreddit swiftly removed illicit content to avoid facing consequences from Rockstar. Both platforms allowed discussions related to the leak but refrained from sharing any leaked material or download links.

Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, addressed the incident during an earnings call, labeling it “terribly unfortunate” and emphasizing their serious approach to such breaches. Despite the leak, they reassured that no significant game assets were compromised, and it wouldn’t impact the game’s development.

An update revealed that the teenager implicated in the substantial GTA 6 leak, Arion Kurtaj, a member of the Lapsus$ hacking group, has been assessed as psychologically unfit for trial. Additionally, amid extensive copyright claims by Rockstar, only one leaked GTA 6 screenshot managed to evade their copyright actions, surviving on the internet.

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