pubg new state custom room card hack – ( 100% working) .

pubg new state custom room card hack.

pubg new state custom room card hack

Custom room cards have been a topic of discussion ever since the release of PUBG New State Mobile. Recently, the brand has changed its name from PUBG New State to New State Mobile. Some believe that Crafton has taken this step to distance itself from the idea of ​​PUBG, while others believe it is intentional to emphasize the mobile experience.

However, let’s discuss the custom room card which has already been the center of gossip for many players.

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pubg new state custom room card hack.
custom room card pubg

All the details of PUBG New State Mobile Custom Room Card

A few days ago, PUBG New State Mobile has launched its Rename Card, which is currently a bit expensive to buy. Rename cards cost around 900 NC in the in-game shop. While some consider it affordable, others feel that the prices are moderate.

However, when it comes to custom room cards, it may release in the February update or in the second half of 2022. No definite release date has been revealed yet, but according to sources, the card may release in the next season.

The official price has also not been disclosed by Crafton officials. However, fans are speculating that as the name change or nickname change card costs 900 NC, this custom room card will also cost in that range, around 900-1200 NC.

Custom Room cards will be available to players in the in-game shop and players can access cards through the Room Operator system which allows them to create custom modes such as multiple guns, increased HP, and 10v10, playing game modes such as racing Will give And many more.

However, all this information on Room Cards is mainly based on speculation in the community and may or may not be correct upon official release.

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