PUBG mobile lite bc generator + How to get BC in PUBG Mobile Lite for free (3 best ways) | pubg lite bc purchase for free.

PUBG mobile lite bc generator + How to get BC in PUBG Mobile Lite for free (3 best ways) | pubg lite bc purchase for free.

PUBG mobile lite bc generator + How to get BC in PUBG Mobile Lite for free (3 best ways) | pubg lite bc purchase for free.

BC is a virtual money in pubg lite. Its full form is Battle Coin. From BC itself, we can upgrade Winner Paas in PUBG Lite and get outfits, gun skin etc.

Let me tell you BC works only in pubg lite whereas UC works in pubg mobile. In this post I am going to tell you that pubg mobile lite me bc kaise le free me i.e. pubg mobile lite free bc

Here I will tell you about 3 ways to get BC for free, which are very easy ways, so let’s know then.

What is BC? What is Bc in PUBG Mobile Lite ?

BC in PUBG Lite is a virtual money from which we can buy things like outfits, gun skin, winner pass etc. inside the game. To buy anything in PUBG, there should be BC.

We can also buy BC by paying money. You can see the information about how many BCs are being available in Indian rupees according to the Indian rupee in the photo below.

• Rs.75 – 60+30 BC
• Rs 216 – 190+95 BC
• Rs.357.38 – 320 + 160 BC
• Rs 733 – 650 + 325
• Rs 1862 – 1700+ 850
• Rs 3735.77 – 3500 + 1750

How to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite?

There are many ways to get BC for free. Here I am going to tell about all those methods in detail, so let’s know.

(1) Viewing Ads

You can take 5 BC in PUBG Lite for free but for this you have to see AD. This feature is provided inside the game itself.

To get free BC, you have to click on AD and the video ad will start, after watching 3 video ads you will get 5 BC.

To see Ads, you have to click on Mission in PUBG Lite, after that you will see the option to collect 5 BC, you have to click on GO.

As soon as you click on Go, the AD of 25-30 will come in front of you, similarly you have to see 3 AD after which you will get 5 BC.

Let me tell you earlier this method was working very well and but after pubg ban some problem started if you face any problem in taking BC in this way then you change your VPN and try again your problem will be solved

(2) Via APP

This app is new in the market right now but it is giving very good money, you can buy BC by earning money in it. Let me tell you this is a Refer & Earn Money App.

This app is paying a lot of money for a referrer and people are also earning a lot of money with the help of this app. You can also buy BC from this app by earning good money and transferring them to the bank.

You can buy as many BCs as you want very easily. The link of the app is given below, you can download the app by clicking on that link.

The app has to be downloaded by clicking on the link, after that the app has to be opened and used. Let me tell you that there are many tasks given to the app, on completing which you can earn very good money.

Its best feature is that if you have the option to buy BC yourself, you can also redeem BC from this app by earning money very easily.
As you know, Winner Pass Elite requires 280 BC, which costs around Rs. 220, according to this, this app is best for you.

(3) Best way

This method is the best that I am going to tell you as we know that every season new Winner Paas comes in Pubg Lite and most of the people buy BC only to buy new Winner Paas.

Here I am going to tell you the way by which you can easily upgrade your winner pass by earning 280 BC every season.

Let me tell you here that the price of 280 BC is Rs.220 which is not a big amount, when you upgrade Winner Paas by spending 280 BC, then you get back 280 BC.

Yes, you get 280 BC back, using which you can upgrade Winner paas in the new season and get 280 BC again for free.

So here you have to spend Rs.220 just once and every time in new season you can upgrade Winner Pass to get Emote, Premium outfit and Gun skin, Vehicle skin.

But now the thing comes that after the ban it has become very difficult to buy BC in PUBG Mobile Lite, here I solve this problem for you, below I have told about buying BC.

How to buy BC after pubg ban?

As we all know that pubg is banned and when we click to buy BC then error appears on play store and we are not able to buy BC.

Here you can easily buy BC with the way I am going to tell you that too at the same price. You do not have to pay any more money, so let’s know how to get BC in PUBG Lite?

1) First of all you have to go to You can also visit this site by searching in web browser.

2) After visiting the site, you have to create your account by clicking on Create Account and log in only.

3) After this you have to select the philippines company by clicking on the country. After selecting the country, a new page will open where you have to select PUBG Mobile Lite and click on GO

4) If you want, you can select any other game and buy their money, but here we are telling you to buy BC, then you have to click on PUBG Mobile lite.

5) After clicking, a new page will open, there you have to enter the ID of your PUBG mobile lite and click on the number of BC you want to buy, select its payment method

6) To make payment, options like Bank, G Cash, Razer Gold Pin, Razer Gold, 7 Eleven are given here, you can buy BC by paying through any method as per your convenience.

7) After making the payment, BC will be added to your PUBG Mobile lIte, after that you can buy anything from those BCs.

You can read our new post to know how to create an account in Razor Gold and how to buy BC in PUBG Lite after ban with photos, which will be available soon.

Note – Can’t buy BC from Midasbuy now so don’t follow this method

Conclusion – Hope you have understood that best trick to get free bc in pubg mobile lite, pubg mobile lite bc generator. I hope you have understood this post completely

This post will be updated from time to time with new information, so keep visiting this post for new information. You can follow our blog for updates related to PUBG Lite.

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