PUBG mobile 1.5 download link

PUBG mobile 1.5 download link

PUBG mobile 1.5 download link

The PUBG Mobile game is one of the most liked and downloaded games in the BR category. There are millions of followers of PUBG game all over the world. Many versions of the game released by Crafton are limited to specific regions only. One such famous iteration of the game has been made available to players from Korea, Japan.

PUBG Mobile developers have released 1.5 update especially for PUBG Mobile KR version. In today’s article we have told the PUBG Mobile 1.5 KR version download link for Korean players.

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PUBG mobile 1.5 download link

PUBG mobile 1.5 download

Players playing PUBG can download both these files in their smartphones very easily. It is very important for players playing PUBG to have at least 3GB of free space in their smartphone. As players continue to download more resources such as maps, other in-game items, the space requirement on their smartphones increases.

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Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install PUBG Mobile KR Edition on your device:

1) First of all download both APK and OBB files from the mentioned link.

APK File (79MB)
OBB file (630MB)

2) To access both these files players need to go to the Downloads folder on their device.
3) Tap on the APK file of PUBG to install while giving the required permissions.
4) Now the player has to copy the OBB file from the download folder and paste it in Android>OBB>
5) Now you can open the game to get the battle royale experience.

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