Proper use of smoke grenades : free fire Smoke Grenade Tips and Tricks – 100% working .

Proper use of smoke grenades : free fire Smoke Grenade Tips and Tricks

Proper use of smoke grenades : free fire Smoke Grenade Tips and Tricks

In this article we are going to talk about Smoke Grenade, even if players take smoke grenade in class squad, they throw it without any reason and do not use it. They think USE is less. But if you read this article then you will come to know that from how many types Smoke granite is used. Whether it is Smoke Granite or Smoke Containers, you will learn how to use them correctly.

And if the players see then they will say what is the IQ level, how well does a man use Smoke Granite or what is the difference between him and his fans. In this article, I will teach you five types of S-Smoke granite to use. If you follow these five, you will become the number one player of Smoke granite.

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1) Open Gun Scope Inside Smoke

In this tips, what will you have to do if you have no cover and you are stuck in the middle, you have surrounded the squad from all sides, then what will you do, you will throw smoke granite in the middle, you will enter inside it after that If you open the Scope then you will start seeing everything clearly and you can kill All Enemy by opening that Scope but it cannot kill you because if you will talk about it in number 2 point.

2) No Default Aim

Now the biggest feature of Smoke Granite is this advantage. If someone is sitting inside Smoke granite  then your default m will not work. And even if someone is coming out from behind Smoke Granite then your default m will not work. This is a great thing that really makes Smoke Granite so useful.

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Proper use of smoke grenades : free fire Smoke Grenade Tips and Tricks
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3) Use For Team Rush

If you are trapped in the zone and there is an enemy in front who is not letting you inside John, then what will you do? If people engage you, then your position will know more which side you are going and can kill you with that but if you do it among yourself then he will not know which side of the job you are on. With the help of this group, you can also kill the person who is not allowing you to enter John’s circle.

If you want to rush on any team. So you can rush on that escort by hitting ‘Smoke Granite’ in the middle. With this your position will not be known to the anime and you can easily kill that anime.

4) Impossible Escape

If Joe knows your position in Animi. And your health is very low. And if you want to move to a different position, you can switch to another position using Smoke granite with each other, so Animi will not know when you have reached that position.

5) Invisible Healer

If you get a lot of time then you want to move, then you can do it by using Smoke Granite. In this way, not only you will not be able to see you, even if I see you, then you have a default above, it will not work.

You can also use Smoke Granite to revive your tablet.

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