How to get new Mooney Pets at no cost in Free Fire

New Mooney Pets at no cost in Free Fire

New Mooney Pets at no cost in Free Fire

In addition to the characters in the free fire game there are also great pets that can accompany players to the battlefield. These pets of the Free Fire game have unique abilities that make it easier for players to win the Battle Royal match.

Mooney Pets

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Recently a new pet Mooney in Free Fire has been circulating on the internet. This exotic pet of Free Fire also has a skill called Paranormal Protection.

Mooney top up event has started in Free Fire from today and this event will run till 1 June 2021. In Free Fire, players have to top at least 100 diamonds to receive this pet for free as a top-up reward. In Free Fire Gaya, users can also top up 300 diamonds for Crystal Mooney Pet Skin or 1000 diamonds for a free Safari Rayat blueprint.

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Get Mooney for free in free fire games

To get Mooney Pet as a top-up reward in a free fire game, users have to follow the steps given below:

1. First of all, players have to select the Diamond icon while in the free fire lobby.

2. After this based on the top-up options visible to the players, the players have to select the desired number of diamonds, which the players want to buy. You will get 100 diamonds at a price of INR 80.

3. After this free fire players will have to make necessary payments.

4. After payment users have to go to the “Events” section of the game.

5. Players have to select “Mooney Top Up” under that section.

6. After selecting Mooney Pets Top Up, players will have to click on the claim button next to the reward.

By following all these steps, you will get new Mooney Pets at no cost in Free Fire.

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