List of 15 best game in India in 2023 with download link | top 10 games in india | Real money earning app in india.

List of 15 best game in India in 2023 | top 10 games in india | Real money earning app in india.

List of 15 best game in India in 2023 | top 10 games in india | Real money earning app in india.

Since ancient times, most people used to spend their free time playing games to entertain themselves. All of you must have played many games in your childhood. Like :- Ludo, carrom board, card, but as the time progressed, the technology increased and the time people used to spend playing offline games was replaced by mobile phones and people started spending their time playing games in mobile.

Tomorrow most of the people spend more and more time playing games on mobile, so let us know about India’s most favorite 10 such games which are most popular.

Top 10 famous games in india 2023

New games keep coming on the Play store. Which is liked by children as well as elders, with whom everyone entertains a lot. Seeing the increasing trend of people towards online gaming, in today’s time there is a lot of expansion in the gaming sector, companies make new apps every day which people like a lot.

Because of this, nowadays people prefer earning money by playing games along with entertainment. In today’s time, there are many people in India who are earning money by playing games, if you also want to earn money by playing games, then click on the link given below.

List most 10 popular games in India

So here we are giving the main list of 10 most popular best games to all of you which is absolutely free and made from now on your mobile android so that you can easily play games in your android phone.

1. FreeFire (Indian famous Game)

Garena free Fire game is one of the most favorite games played in India. It is a ‘battle grounds’ third person action game. is the ultimate survival shooter game based on mobile. Garena free fire game is currently one of the most favorite and popular mobile game in the world.

List of 15 best game in India in 2023 with download link | top 10 games in india | Real money earning app in india.

According to a report, the Garena free Fire game itself was the most downloaded in India in 2021 and was included in the favorite list of mobile games at number four in India. According to this report, in 2021, 153 million people downloaded the Garena free Fire game. This means Free Fire game one of the most popular game in India.
garena free fire game

Gamesize639 mb
Download by user1B+

#2. Ludo Game (India popular Game)

After Free fire, if we talk about the most played game in India, Ludo is supreme gold. Which along with adults, children also like to play a lot. Ludo supreme gold is an androide mobile game. Which is designed keeping in mind the convenience of the user. If you like to play ludo then you must try ludo supreme gold once because it is made for those users who like to play ludo game.

ludo supreme gold is real money earning game so it is not available on play store because google play store policy does not support any type of money earning game so you can download this game by visiting its official website and you can download it by going to that also.


#3. Subway Suffer( Best Android game)

subway suffer is one of the best running mobile game. It is available on Android, iOS, Kindle, window, all. It is one of the games loved by the people of India. This is an endless running mobile game.

Which is made by two Danish companies kilo and sybo. In 2017, subway suffer was the most downloaded game in the world. In the same 2018, subway suffer became the most downloaded app from Google Play Store, it downloaded more than 1B people in 2018. Subway suffer first came in the market in 2012.

Games size139mb

#4. PUBG (best free game)

  • PUBG is considered to be one of the most favorite games in India, which most people like to play. It is an online battleground game in which multiple players can play the game together at a time. It was developed and published by PUBG corporation. . Shooter is a game in which 100 players participate in a battle. It is designed according to the user’s mobile interface, so it is a mobile friendly game. Some time ago the PUBG game was banned inside India, immediately after that its new version BGMI (battel grounds mobile India) came in this India. This game was completely based on PUBG and was a form of PUBG itself. It has more than 2 million downloaders. Became the most favorite and popular game all over India.
game size762mb

#5. Fau-g game

Talking about the most popular game after PUBG, it is Fau-g game (fearless and United guard). It is also most liked in India. Its special thing is that one, it has been made in our country India and secondly, looking at the demand of the people, it has been graphic like a complete PUBG game.

If you want PUBG, you can download the military game for the best experience. Inside this game, all the users have been provided with the same pictures and the same facilities that have been given to the users of the PUBG game.

fearless and United guard) is a multiplayer battle royale action game. It was developed by Bangalore.

Download by users+5m

#6. GTA(famous game)

GTA (grand theft adventure) is a paid game. Friends, GTA is an Action game, in which there is a virtual life like a real life, in which you are given some missions / tasks and you have to complete the missions of your GTA Game in your virtual game itself, such as stealing a car or a luxury vehicle. To do, pick up something or find something or kill someone etc. In this mobile game world you are made to complete missions.

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) game download for android: If you want to play GTA game on your Android mobile, then for this you will find many GTA game apps because it is not just one game, it has many different versions. Like the list (name) of some gta most popular game application is given below:

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game list:

  1. Grand Theft Auto 3
  2. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  3. GTA: Chinatown Wars
  4. Grand Theft Auto: sun andreas
  5. GTA 5

#7. pokemon go

If you like to play animal fighting and action games then you can play Pokemon go game. Pokemon go was developed by American Company Ltd. It is a mobile based game. Which was made in July 2016 according to both ios, andorid.

Inside the game, all the players are given some fictional Pokémon character, which has to catch, fight, prepare, etc. the fictional character of the front player. It is counted in India’s most played game.

Game size762mb

#8. Candy crush (puzzle game)

Candy Crush Saga is considered to be the most loved game in India. This is a free puzzle game. It first appeared in 2012. As soon as it arrived, there were more than 10 million downloaders of this game. This game has been made according to both ios, android. If you like puzzle games, then you must try Candy Crush game, you will find it easily on the play store.

game size77mb

#9. Fruit ninja (funny game)

Fruit Ninja is one of the funniest games ever. Which everyone likes to play. (India popular game) This is a fruit slice game. Can be easily downloaded from play store. Mobile friendly game. And it is considered as India number one game.

Game size141mb
List of 15 best game in India in 2023 with download link | top 10 games in india | Real money earning app in india.

#10. Call of duty (India number one game)

call of duty is India’s most favorite game, it is not only India’s most played game in the world, it is a first person shooter game. Call of duty has more than 50 million downloaders worldwide and India has the highest share.

It is very much liked, this game is available on both Android and iOS platforms. By the way it is a free to play game. You get a lot of features.

The people playing this game have had a very good experience by playing this game, it is free, along with it some paid promotion has also been given to give more features to those people to take advantage of more features. In which he can buy more advanced level pictures.


Friends, in today’s post, we have told you about the most liked game in India, along with this it is a free android game. I hope friends you have liked this post of mine India best game list.


Which is the India famous game

According to a report, free fire has become India’s most favorite game in the world, it has more than 218 downloaders worldwide and it is the most played game in India. Apart from this, if we talk about the second number, then ludo king is the most played game of India, it is the most famous game of India.

which is the famous game of the world

Many people are asked which is the most favorite game of India or the world, then only one answer comes to their mind. Either PUBG or call of duty would like to tell you all that this is not the case. Slap kine is one such andorid and ios game which is world famous game.

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