Layers of Fear 3: Nintendo to launch on Switch next week

If you want 10% discount then pre-order now

Layers of Fear 2

Layers of Fear 3

The layers of Fear 3 are set to debut on the Nintendo Switch on May 20 as announced by the blower team and Nintendo. This has been revealed from the official YouTube channel of the Blueberry team. You can also watch this trailer here.

(Layers of fear 2) Video Credit : Bloober team

If you haven’t played the acclaimed horror sequel to the Blobber team yet or you just want a good mobile version, you can pre-order Switch on Layer of Fear 2 at the same time and do so now for 10% Huh. Discount will also be given. Otherwise it will be launched for around USD 29.99 / EUR 29.99.

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Its first release was for PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2019, it is technically the sequel to the first game, but its story is fairly self-contained, so if you make your debut with any new game, You should not participate in it. Any narrative. This means a lot to you because both Layer of Fear and Layer of Fear 2 are essentially simulators that use smart level design, writing, etc. to tell a compelling psychological horror story.

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