Katy Perry’s Pokémon Song ‘Electric’ is out now : Enjoy the song by clicking in the link

This is the moment when Katy Perry's Pokémon Song 'Electric' is out. Enjoy it to the fullest!

Katy Perry's Pokémon Song 'Electric'

Katy Perry’s Pokémon Song ‘Electric’

Update: Good Morning America has shared a glimpse of Katy Perry’s upcoming music video for ‘Electric’ with all of you, the song composed in conjunction with Pokémon.

Say you would like that in January this year, the Pokémon Company revealed that it would be teaming up with Katy Perry this time to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary? So yes, his revelation came out to be true. He, along with Katy Perry, created Pokémon Song ‘Electric’ which will now be shared with social media.

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Katy Perry’s Pokémon Song ‘Electric’

The pop sensation has revealed on social media that his song ‘Electric’ is going to be released this Friday. If you are interested in this Pokémon Song ‘Electric’ then you can already go ahead and pre-save the game on Spotify.

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