Jet ski in BGMI map : all places and tips for using this vehicle

Jet ski in BGMI map : all places and tips for using this vehicle

Jet Ski in BGMI map:

Jet Ski is a water travel vehicle in BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) . Jet ski is a small vehicle in BGMI. That’s why it’s better than Boot in Battlegrounds Mobile India Map.

In this article we are here at Battleground Mobile India with some tips and tricks for all Jet Ski locations and players.

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What is Jet Ski?

Jet Ski is known as Aquarail in Battleground Mobile India. This vehicle is available in all Battlegrounds Mobile India versions. The jet ski vehicle offers players only two seats.

Boot is also available in Battleground Mobile India, they are giving 4 seats to the players. In which 3 players hold guns and shoot enemies easily. But in Jet Ski, only one player holds the gun and shoots the enemy.

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Jet ski in BGMI map : all places and tips for using this vehicle
bgmi jet ski location – bgmi jet ski

Jet Ski Locations in BGMI (Jet ski in bgmi location )

Available in all Battlegrounds Mobile India maps including Jet Ski Miramar. Here are all the Jet Ski locations in BGMI.

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1) Erangel Map Jet Ski Locations

Erangel Battlegrounds is one of the most playable maps in Mobile India. The Erangel map also has a very long river and shoreline.

  • Jet Ski available in Zharki
  • Farm to Milta Power You got 2 Jet Ski
  • East coastline from Kameshki to Lipovka.
  • Kaminski to Severny
  • Georgopol to Yasnaya Polyana you Got 2-3 Jet Ski
  • Jet Ski is Available on Northern coast around Sosnovka Island.
  • Kameshki to Severny

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2) Sanhok Map Jet Ski Location in BGMI

SanhoK Map Battleground is the second highest playable map in Mobile India.

  • jet ski Available outside Camp Charlie.
  • three jat ski Available inside Cave.
  • River from Camp Charlie to Tat Mok.
  • River from Narip to Ruins in BGMI.
Jet ski in BGMI map : all places and tips for using this vehicle
jet ski in bgmi

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3) Miramar Map Jet Ski Location

Players get jet skis in some places on the Miramar map. Apart from this, there are some places where players can easily get jet skis.

  • South coastline from Valle del Mar to Impala.
  • Right of Los Higos Complex
  • around the South Island.
  • Jet Ski Two small islands east of Miramar, offshore Impala.

4) Livik Map Jet Ski Location

Livik is a new map in Battlegrounds Mobile India. These have been launched only a few months back. There are many players in this map.

  • Two jet skis in Water Fall.
  • Riverboat in the East Port.
  • twojet skis in the Fiskerhus.

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