Intel Elder Lake CPU: what it is and when it will be launched.

Intel Elder Lake CPU

Some important information about Intel Elder Lake CPU: –

Intel Elder Lake CPU release date: late 2021
Architecture of Intel Elder Lake CPU: Golden Cove + Gresmont Core
Maximum core available: 8 + 8 (24 threads)
GPU: Intel Xe (Gen 12.2)
Socket: LGA 1700
Process: 10nm Augmented SuperFin
RAM support: DDR5 and DDR4

Intel Elder Lake CPU
Image Credit: Intel

The Intel Elder Lake CPU line-up represents you for the 12th general laptop and desktop processor set to release in the second half of 2021, but there is also a possibility that they will drop it between September and November, but No exact date is known yet.

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Elder Lake will be Intel’s first desktop processor to be able to use its 10nm superfine production process. This represents a significant change in how the CPU is put together, as it is Intel’s first hybrid to be larger that is also designed for desktops.

The Big. Lift terminology used in Intel Elder Lake CPUs comes from the mixed use of high and low-performance cores in hand chip packages. Which essentially serves to combine Elder Lake Intel’s traditional high-performance CPU cores with its lower-specialized Atom silicon. This is the reason why the Intel Elder Lake CPU has an above core count written as 8 + 8, with eight larger traditional cores and eight smaller and more efficient cores.

Intel Elder Lake CPU
Image Credit :Intel

This large Golden Cove of Elder Lake is similar to Silicon as you would find in Intel’s current CPU, and it represents the Willow Cove core design inside the Tiger Lake CPU found in Intel’s current 11th Gen mobile chips.

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If you are not paying attention to the budget laptop market for yourself, then Intel has a low-power and energy-efficient mobile CPU brand. This time Elder Lake will use a new LGA 1700 socket supported by a new chipset family. And it will also be headed by the high-end Z690 chipset.

Important information about intel Elder Lake

The official site states the release date of Intel Elder Lake as H2 2021. The Intel company recently released its Rocket Lake CPU on the desktop. A tweet from @ 9550pro on April 16 of this year showed an updated roadmap of Intel’s workstation lineup, which includes the Elder Lake-S replacing the Rocket Lake-S in the entry-level workstation segment in Q3’21. While this slide does not show consumer Elder Lake release dates at all, workstation spins are always released at the same time.

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Intel Elder Lake CPU
Image Credit : Intel

Intel Elder Lake Specifications

This hybrid large Elder Lake design from Elder Lake means that each chip has multiple Golden Cove traditional cores and several Gressmont Atom cores. You need to note that Golden Cove supports Intel’s hyperthreading to help double the number of those cores.

An early leak from Intel’s Mobile Elder Lake also illustrates an interesting range of configurations between one and eight Golden Cove cores operating with eight Gressmont cores.

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Intel Elder Lake CPU
Image Credit : Intel

Intel Elder Lake Price

Intel is very compatible if we talk about chip pricing, but its processor will coincide with a completely different core configuration, so it’s not easy to draw parallels with Intel Elder’s current line-up.
Here Intel aims to make the new architecture an attractive proposition, we would hope that it would not raise the price too much. We can speculate that the top-end chips hit the same level of $ 1199K at $ 599.

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