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indus battle royale

Indus battle royale logo download | Indus battle royale images | Indus Battle Royale Game Download apk | indus battle royale apk.

Battleground mobile India and Pubg mobile game have been banned here in India, so a great mobile game is going to be launched by our Indian companies. About which we will know full details here and now it is also in beta testing, you can play here.

Which is the new game to be launched in India, and how can you do it please. And we will know on this page about the complete idea about the way in which we can play it.

What is Indus games?

Indus Battle Royale game is a game created by the Indian gaming company (bhartiya gaming company). This is a completely indigenous game and this game has been made by the gaming developers of India only.

This is Upcoming Indian mobile battle game. In which many people can play live, and in a way it is an action game. There are games like pubg and freefire, cod etc.

Indus battle royale logo?

Indus battle royale logo download
Indus battle royale logo download
Indus battle royale logo download
Indus battle royale logo download

Requirement in device for Indus Battle Royale game?

Indus battle royale system requirements: To run indus battle royale game, your mobile must have at least Android 10 and must have 2GB of RAM. Apart from this, your phone should have 4G network with low pings.

Indus game mobile system requirements.

For the system running Indus Game Mobile, it is necessary to have at least 2GB of RAM and fast internet, and along with that the citizen should be Indian, that is, the game is being run on the Indian location, although this game is going to be worldwide, but now it Specially targeting Indian citizens.

Required network.

Indus Battle Royale online game is an online battle game, and to play this game, we will need a special internet network, for this your mobile or your network should have 80ms ping or less. Directly we can say that you can easily play this game online with your friends in 4G internet and 5G internet.

How to Download this game?

This game has to be downloaded or installed in different ways in different operating systems. If you have an iPhone or iOS, then you can easily search and download this indus battle royale game by going to Apple’s App Store.

indus battle royale game download for android: If you want to play Indus Battle Royale mobile game in Android device, then you can download it by going to google play store.

indus battle royale beta version

If you want to watch or play Indus battle royale before the release date, then for this you have to download and install the Beta APK file (Indus battle royale beta version) of Indian indus mobile game. Beta version of any game is a version that is released for gaming testing, it is not for everyone.

Indus battle game pre-register link

Want to play Indus Battle game first. If you want that as soon as this game is released in the market, then you should be the first to download it automatically, so for this you have to pre-register indus battle game. And if you want to register this game for free, then you will not have to pay any pre-registration fees for this, it is absolutely free.


Here is a list of some frequently asked questions related to Indus battle royal game, which is very important for you to know and you will get to know a lot from it.

What is the short name of indus battle royale game?

The short form name of Indus Battle Royale game is IBR game. Like the short name of Battlegrounds Mobile India was BGMI.

Which company has developed the Indus Battle Royale game?

Indus Battle Royale game is created by SuperGaming Company, an Indian gaming company. This game is completely Indian, it has been made in India only and the team that made it was also Indian, in this way this whole game is made in India game.

indus battle royale belongs to which country?

As mentioned above, the company making it is an Indian gaming company. And most of its players are also from India, so it is completely India’s game.

When will IBR (indus battle royale) release?

Friends, you must be thinking that when will this battle royale release, then let me tell you that according to the official information from this game, its free registration has started. So now this game will be available on Play Store in a month. And this Indus Battle Royale game will be released all over India.

How many mb is indus battle royale?

Indus battle royale game is a battlegrounds game just like games like BGMI and pubg. It is an online video game app. indus battle royale Apk size is 1GB.

indus battle royale size = 1GB

How to do pre registration of Indus game?

To do free registration of Intex game, first click on the free registration link given above, after that you will reach the Play Store by clicking on the free registration button there. From there you can do free registration or download by clicking on the button of free registration or install.

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