How to use enchanted books in Minecraft

How to use enchanted books in Minecraft
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How to use enchanted books in Minecraft

In Minecraft, players can enchant items to make them stronger and get more usage. Enchantments can be placed on weapons, tools, and armor.

There are two ways for players to apply enchantments to items in Minecraft. They can either apply enchantments by using an enchanting table or by using an anvil.

Enchanting tables are created using four obsidian blocks, two diamonds, and one book. Players will need lapis lazuli and enchantment levels to enchant using the table. To gain stronger enchantments on the table, they should place bookshelves around the enchanting table.

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The second method of enchantment that gamers can use is an anvil. They can craft an anvil using three iron blocks and four iron ingots. Both items can enchant, but utilizing an anvil is a bit different than using an enchanting table.

With an anvil, users need an enchanted book to enchant an item. They cannot select enchantments off a menu as they do on an enchanting table. Enchanted books can be found around the Minecraft world.

Gamers may find enchanted books via villager trades, inside treasure chests located in strongholds, or by fishing for one. Some enchantments can only be found in an enchanted book, such as Mending.

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Enchanting using an enchanted book in Minecraft

enchanted books in Minecraft : best enchanted books in Minecraft

What players need

In order to enchant using enchanted books, players first need to find an anvil or craft one and find somewhere to place it. They will need to make sure that they have enchantment levels before trying to use the item.

Users can obtain enchantment levels by doing a series of activities in the Minecraft world. Smelting items, slaying mobs, and breaking blocks are all different ways to increase their enchantment levels.

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How to use enchanted books in Minecraft
enchanted books in Minecraft : How to use enchanted books in Minecraft

After increasing their enchantment level, gamers can use the anvil to place the enchantment on the item. They will need to place the item they wish to enchant in the left box of the anvil and the enchanted book in the middle.

The finishing product will then be located in the output box on the right side of the anvil. Players can use anvils to place multiple enchantments on a piece of equipment, as enchanting tables cannot place more than one.

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