How to unban free fire ID : free fire suspended account recovery trick .

How to unban free fire ID : free fire suspended account recovery trick .

How to unban free fire ID : free fire suspended account recovery trick .

If your free fire ID is disabled and you want to know how to unban free fire ID? So you have come to the right place.

Friends, free fire is a very liked game, the number of users of this game is very high and many of these users have to face many problems, account ban in free fire is also a main problem which is very important. People face.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know the complete process of unbanning account in free fire.

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Friends, it is very easy to unban account in free fire and you can easily unban your account, to unban account in free fire, you must have good internet connection in your phone.

If you also want to unban your ID, then you have to follow a simple procedure which is given below.

How to unban free fire ID : free fire suspended account recovery trick .
free fire suspended account recovery

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How to unban free fire account ? Step by step

To unban your account in free fire, you have to follow some steps which are as follows –

Step 1- First of all you have to login to your free fire game with that id which is banned, as soon as your id is suspended? If you see the popup notification of, then you have to take a screenshot of it.

Step 2- After this you will see an option of Help under that popup message, this option is not visible to all users. If you do not see the help option, then you can take the help of the link given below –

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free fire help center link

Step 3- Now after pressing in the help option you will reach this web page, you have to allow this web page to load in your browser, after that as soon as this web page is loaded you will get a ‘submit request’ option at the top You have to click on that option will appear.

Step 4- After clicking on ‘submit request’ option you will be redirected to another page, on this web page you have to select your server location, for example if you play in India server then you have to select India .

Step 5- After selecting your server location, you will be redirected to another web page, in this web page you will have to enter important information related to your free fire account.

For example, your email address, Free Fire player ID, your name in the game, request type, problem type and description will be required.

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Step 6- After filling all the details correctly, finally you have to upload the screen shot which you took while login to the free fire game, after uploading the screen shot you have to tick the blank box in front of the privacy policy option And click on submit request option.

After this your request will be submitted and by following this process you will be able to unban your free fire id.

How to unban free fire ID : free fire suspended account recovery trick .
free fire suspended id back – free fire suspended account recovery 2022 apk

Free fire account banned

There can be many reasons for getting ID banned in free fire games, you will need to know these reasons to avoid getting your ID banned. Following are some of the main reasons for ID ban in free fire game-

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1. by using hacks

Using hacks is one of the main reasons behind ID suspended or banned in free fire games. There are many hexes available in the internet for free fire games but if you want to protect your id from getting banned then you should not use hex.

2. to team up

Friends, many times some people team up in free fire, due to team up they become more powerful than other players. Because of this, people who watch his game play report him.
Due to this also players’ free fire IDs can be banned, so you should avoid teaming up in free fire games.

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3. by getting a refund

Friends very often some people top up in free fire game and take refund after some time after top up, by taking refund the money used for top up is returned, if you also take refund If you are thinking of, then I want to tell you that your ID may get banned by taking refund.

last word

So friends, after reading this post, you must have understood the process of unbanning free fire account, if you liked this post, then share it too.

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