How To Unban BGMI ID : BGMI ID unban script : How to unban bgmi account 10 years

How To Unban BGMI ID in 2022 : BGMI ID unban script : How to unban bgmi account 10 years

How To Unban BGMI ID

Friends, today’s article is going to be very special for BGMI players because in this article we will know that how we can do BGMI I’d Unban and How to bring your BGMI ban back, then let us know How To Unban BGMI I’d, So read this article carefully.

Battleground Mobile India has made a very good comeback in our India, friends, you must know that we have waited a lot for this BGMI game and this game is now on our Android and iOS and it is also getting a lot of love from the players. BGMI has currently completed 50 million  downloads .

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How to unban BGMI ID

It took many days for BGMI to come to India because before the launch of this game, a lot of rule and regulation was taken care of. Due to the reason their BGMI I’d is banned and sometimes I’d is also banned for 10 years

Now we will know if your BGMI I’d has been banned for 10 years, then you can unban it again, so let’s know How To Unban BGMI I’d .

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How To Unban BGMI ID in 2022 : BGMI ID unban script : How to unban bgmi account 10 years
hiw to unban bgmi id in hindi – bgmi id unban script

Why bgmi id is banned

If your BGMI ID is banned, then there is some reason behind it, then we will talk about the reasons due to which your I’d ban , these are some common reasons that have been seen that these BGMI I’d often get banned for 10 years because of many times if we play with Hacker while playing BGMI, then for that reason our BGMI I’d gets banned because here it is against BGMI privacy policy.

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If we try to do any kind of hack in BGMI or hack BGMI, then for that reason also our I’d get banned for 10 years immediately.

If we play with a player and abuse him and he reports us, then our chances of getting bgmi I’d ban increase.

Even if we kill the teammate while playing with our teammate, even then BGMI I’d be banned.

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How to unban bgmi id

We will know How To Unban BGMI I’d . If there are some reasons behind ID ban which are common or if we have made a mistake unknowingly, then we may get some help and get our I’d again.

Now I will tell you those steps, with the help of which you can Unban your BGMI account.

  • First of all you need to have your gmail account! .
  • Then you have to mail on the official gmail id of krafton, Put your problem inside the mail, you have to type it as well as we have to send to bgmi team.
  • If you haven’t made any mistake then your account will be unbanned.
How To Unban BGMI ID in 2022 : BGMI ID unban script : How to unban bgmi account 10 years
unban bgmi id apk – how to unban bgmi account 10 years

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How to unban bgmi banned account with apk

Friends, if you are also thinking that with the help of any app, we can Unban BGMI I’d, then friends would like to tell you that it is not possible at all, no such aap has been created by which we can Unban BGMI id . Do not trust any such third party app and do not waste your time.

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How to Unban bgmi banned account with Script

You cannot unban bgmi I’d even with the help of script, there is only one way to unban BGMI  I’d, which I have told you through steps, please mail them, maybe in that way your ID BGMI I’d be Unbaned.

My main purpose of this article was that any player I have can know How To Unban BGMI I’d We can just mail the request to Krafton and wait for them if you find How To Unban BGMI I’d . If you like this article then please comment.

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