How to top up in free fire without paytm for free.

How to top up in free fire without paytm for free.

how to top up in free fire without paytm for free.

Friends, free fire game is a great game, you must have known this, but in free fire game many times we have to use diamonds to get many things. To get diamonds in free fire we have to top up. There are many ways to top up in Free Fire game, most of which are done by players using Paytm to top up in this game.

Friends, although not all free fire players use paytm, friends, if you also play free fire and do not use paytm, then today’s article is going to be very special for you, with the help of today’s article, you can get free fire Topup for free. I will be able to know the trick to top up without paytm. And then you too will be able to top up free fire without paytm very easily.

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What is Free Fire Top Up?

If you also buy diamonds in your account in your Free Fire, then you will call this process Diamonds Top-Up. If you buy a Diamond Key in Free Fire, you will call it a top-up. You can easily top-up up to 10000 diamonds in Free Fire.

How to top up in free fire without paytm for free.
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Ways to top up in free fire game without paytm.

Well, there are thousands of ways to top the free fire game, but if you are not a Paytm user, still you want to topup diamonds, then you can do it without using some of the methods given below by us.

Method 1: Through SIM card

Friends if you play free fire and want to top up without paytm then i want to tell you that for doing this you need to have a sim card linked to bank account and with this top up your sim card There should be money for that. To top up free fire without paytm, you have to follow some steps we have mentioned which are given below.

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Step 1 – First of all open Free Fire game.

Step 2 – Now go to the option of Top Up or Special Airdrop.

Step 3 – Now you will see some amount below, click on that amount.

Step 4 – Now you will see many payment options, out of which you have to click on the option of billing, for example if you use Vodafone SIM card then in your mobile phone. Use VI billing option will come.

Step 5 – Now you will see an option of 1-tap buy, you have to make payment by clicking on that option and then you will see a notification of payment successful and your top up will be done without Paytm.

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How to top up in free fire without paytm for free.
free fire top up center 100 bonus- free fire top up free

Second way – through application

Friends, in free fire game, you can easily top up with the help of sim card as well as some applications. There are many such applications in the play store, with the help of which you can top up for free, the name of one such application is Daily free diamonds guide for free. The size of this application is about 7 MB and more than 10 lakh players have downloaded this application.

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To top up with the help of this game, you have to follow some steps given below by us –

Step 1 – First of all, install and open the above-mentioned application.

Step 2 – Now you have to click on Task option in this application.

Step 3 – Now you will see a list of tasks, out of which you have to complete some tasks, after doing this you will get some points.

Step 4 – If you collect up to 20 points then you can top up about 100 diamonds on Paytm without redeeming these points.

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Important question-

How long will it take to top up without Paytm?

It takes only 1 minute to top up Paytm, but if you top up through the application, it happens instantly, and it takes about 20 seconds to top up with the SIM card process.

Can I get Unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire game without Paytm?

Yes, if your phone is recharged till you get Unlimited Diamonds.

Conclusion –

Friends, if you are a free fire player and if you are not able to top up in free fire “free fire top up free ” through ATM card, then this article is specially made for you, by the way it is very easy to top up without paytm, all you need is your You have to download the SIM card company’s app, and by using this app, you can top up without Paytm with the help of recharge or balance available in your phone.

Friends, I hope that you have understood the process to top up free fire without paytm mentioned in this article, if you still have any question in your mind, or you want to tell your views related to this article then You can comment below.

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