How to Team Up in Free Fire

How to Team Up in Free Fire

How to Team Up in Free Fire

Did you know that you can also befriend your enemies and play with them in Free Fire, if not then you are at the right place. Today we will tell you how to team up with the enemy in Free Fire.

What is Team Up in Free Fire?

Team Up helps the player to enjoy the free fire game while increasing the rank. Team-up is the process of making your enemy friends in Free Fire.

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How to Team Up with Your Enemy in Free Fire

In today’s post some great tricks are given to convert your enemy into friend.

Step 1 – If you land on a house while playing Free Fire and your enemy also jumps on the same house and you get a gun first then you can give your gun to your enemy by doing this your enemy will become your friend.

Step 2 – Sometimes the enemy player also wants to team up in Free Fire. That’s why enemies show you emote, and keep moving your character up and down, so don’t hit the enemy. If you do not have the price yet, you can click here to get the emote.

How to Team Up in Free Fire
how to do team up in free fire

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In what situations you can do team up?

  • If you don’t have medkits
  • if you want to enjoy the game
  • if you don’t have a gun
  • If you want to make new friends
  • If you like opponent skins

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