How to sell free fire Diamonds and became a seller

How to sell free fire Diamonds and became a seller

How to sell free fire Diamonds and became a seller

Who says playing games only costs money? Such a notion should be abolished. Those who think like this are said to be introduced to this one game. The game that is currently on the rise and has occupied the number one position in the most popular game search in the Play Store, namely free fire games.

It cannot be denied that now battle royale themed free fire games are able to enchant the players with the attractive game display and great way of playing. Getting there is not enough, you can easily earn money by playing free fire games, how do you do it?

Free Fire is famous for having interesting items that can make your game stand out. To get these items you’ll need a diamond, which is used as the main currency of the game.

Given that, many players choose to sell their diamonds, recently many illegal free fire diamond seller accounts have been banned by Garena Indonesia.

 Difference between Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

How to Sell Free Fire Diamonds Safely and Legally

It is very open for you to sell diamonds in Free Fire to collect money, but you have to do it in a safe way so that your Free Fire account is not banned by Garena’s servers.

If you also want to sell diamonds in Free Fire or it may be that you have done it before and you want to continue this activity again, you can follow the tips we have mentioned that will keep you safe.

How to sell free fire Diamonds and became a seller
free fire diamond seller

How to Download Free Fire Photos : Free Fire Photos Download official Link

how to sell free fire diamonds through multi payment application

If you buy diamonds at very high prices from platforms like Codeshop or Unipin, you can now buy diamonds through payment platforms other than these two.

Of course the price offered by this platform for free fire games is much cheaper than other platforms. If you become a reseller in this platform then you can very easily topup diamonds at an affordable price and after that you can easily resell those diamonds.

Free Fire 10 rupees offer top up

How to become a Diamond Reseller

To be able to become a diamond reseller with 212 multi payment platform you need to follow the steps we mentioned below.

1) Download Application 212 Multiple Payment from Play Store.

2) Please complete your registration by clicking on Register.

3) Enter your name and phone number for the verification process.

4) Finally open the message box on your mobile device and enter the code sent via SMS.

How to sell free fire Diamonds and became a seller
free fire diamonds store – how to sell diamond in free fire

How to use AWM in Free Fire 

After doing this you can actually buy diamonds for your own consumption or for resale at a lower price. But with the trick given below by us, you will get cheap diamond shopping vouchers.

1) Open 212 Multi Payment App

2) Click on the Game Vouchers menu and select Garena Physical Vouchers

3) Select the nominal voucher you want.

4) Now easily exchange vouchers through the website

5) Select Free Fire and enter your Free Fire ID

6) Now click on the menu Free Fire Vouchers and paste the voucher code received from 212 Multi Payment Application.

Who is the king of free fire with free fire ID.

How To Sell Free Fire Diamonds Through My Items App?

If the above method is complicated then you can also sell diamonds in free fire through the site. To be able to use this site you have to do several things, which are as follows.

  • Create My Items Account
  • Build a shop
  • Complete Data
  • Build and sell your stuff

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