How to Recover Guest Account in Free Fire?

How to Recover Guest Account in Free Fire?

How to Recover Guest Account in Free Fire?

There is no doubt that Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games on the portable platform. With several exciting new twists to the classic gameplay of the Free Fire game, the title continues to attract millions of players around the world. However with such a large player-base of Free Fire maintaining the community and solving the problems of all the players is not an easy task for the developers of Free Fire.

In today’s post, we will help players recover Free Fire guest account.

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What is a Guest Account in Free Fire?

When a player logs into a Free Fire game on their device for the first time, the player is given the option to choose an account with a Facebook account or as a guest. A player’s guest account is registered in the game in Free Fire when a player does not link data to Free Fire through the channels available while playing Free Fire.

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Method to recover guest account in free fire

How to Recover Guest Account in Free Fire?
How to Recover Guest Account in Free Fire

1) Visit the Free Fire Support Center via this link.

2) Now you will see the option of submit request, click on there.

3) Now you have to login with your Free Fire account.

4) You have to enter the information as per your requirement.

5) After entering everything, submit the information.

6) Now you have to wait for the email from the support team, maybe the free fire whole team can recover your lost free fire account.

This is how you can easily recover your lost Free Fire account

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