How to reach ace in BGMI : Battlegrounds How to reach the Ace in Mobile India?

Reach ace tier in BGMI.

How to reach ace in BGMI : Battlegrounds How to reach the Ace in Mobile India?

How to reach ace in BGMI : How to reach ace tier in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

As you know, all battle royale games have a different ranking system. Ranking system of Battleground Mobile India game Players have to reach different levels to reach the highest rank. There are a total of ten tiers in a BGMI game, some of which are divided into sub-tiers.

It’s all based on the rank types of players in BGMI, such as solo, duo, and squad. Here is a list of the levels that are available in the BGMI game:

  • Conqueror
  • Ace Dominator
  • Ace Master
  • Ace
  • Crown: Divided into five sub-tiers
  • Diamond: Divided into five sub-tiers
  • Platinum: Divided into five sub-tiers
  • Gold: Divided into five sub-tiers
  • Silver: Divided into five sub-tiers
  • Bronze: Divided into five sub-tiers

After each season the BGMI player’s rank is reset based on the tier at the end of the previous season. Whenever the player reaches another rank, the player is rewarded with a prize.

It is great to reach Ace Tier in BGMI games, every many gamers want to reach this tier of BGMI. However this process is quite difficult as players need to score more points to reach this rank. So today we will show you how to easily reach Ace Tier in BGMI game.

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How to reach ace in BGMI : Battlegrounds How to reach the Ace in Mobile India?
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Steps to reach Ace Tier in BGMI are given below.

Players in BGMI must focus on survival skills and gameplay in the game to get better results. So here are some tips that the player needs to keep in mind.

1. Avoid Hot Drops

Most players playing the BGMI game prefer to get into the hot-drop zone, but this can be dangerous for players playing BGMI. As there are many players in BGMI, that’s why players get a lot of kills, but players can get killed instead, so you have to be careful. It’s good to be safe, choose a place away from the landing path of the BGMI plane.

2. Play with friends

In BGMI game players will always have to play matches with their friends to rank up faster. It helps players to communicate better and players get better results.

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3. Watch Gameplay of Popular Streamers

You have to watch live stream or fire gameplay of popular gamers and know their skills in playing the BGMI game. It helps players to enhance their in-game skills which helps the player to raise the player’s rank up to the Ace Tier.

4. Choose a Better Weapon

Players playing BGMI with simple weapons like UMP45, PP-Bizon, etc. cannot reach such levels. Such weapons are helpful to players when the player has no other option but to kill the enemies. But if you have other weapon options available like AKM, M416, or M762, then you should definitely go for those weapons.

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5. Pick Up Necessary Throwables

There are many players who do not use Throwables when playing BGMI, but these are the most important part of the BGMI game. You have to choose the right throwable such as: Molotov Cocktail, Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade etc. If you’re stuck in open combat while playing BGMI, smoke grenades in BGMI are a great help to escape. Whereas in BGMI, Molly and Frag Grenades are used to drive out enemies hidden inside the building.

To improve his skills, the player will have to regularly play BGMI games and watch videos of popular streamers.

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