How to Push Rank in BGMI : How to easily reach the winning tier in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

How to Push Rank in BGMI : How to easily reach the winning tier in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

How to Push Rank in BGMI

BGMI is a famous battle royale game, this game is the Indian version of the PUBG Mobile game. This game game has high quality graphics. It comes with a great ranking system where players can easily upgrade their league to earn exciting rewards.

Conqueror is the highest game title achieved in Battlegrounds Mobile India game that every player aspires to reach.

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How to Push Rank in BGMI – rank pushing tips in bgmi

Weapon Combination

In BGMI rank push to winner only one player has to choose the ideal weapon combination.

Each player must have their own preferred weapon combination in this game. For good results, a team must have at least two attackers and one sniper rifle player.

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kill and survive

how to level up in bgmi

The importance of survival and kill count in this game is the same from rank push to high level. In this game, the player has to maintain balance in survival time, kill count.

The average survival time for a player to score plus tier points in this game is only 20 minutes and players must survive to reach the top five in the game. In this game a player must make at least 4-8 kills per match to reach the winner, ranking around 20-25 levels to gain points.

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Smoking grenades, fragile grenades, carry items

Raising the rank winners in this game The final arena for the title of Chicken Dinner is set to be a tough competition. In such a situation, players need to carry enough luggage with them. All these titles can be Smoke Grenade, Frag Grenade and Healing Time etc. In this game a player must take advantage of these items for extra survival.

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Use vehicles

Vehicles in the BGMI game are very important in the rank Push to Conqueror of the game. These are easily available at desired places. All these vehicles play very well during the game. Therefore it is also recommended that players acquire a vehicle like Dacia, UAZ as soon as possible in this game.

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Required marks

In this game players have to ace a level before proceeding to reach the winner. In this game a player will win the title once in the S Tier (4200 points) and will be among the top 500 players on the Indian server. Playing solo is the best way to reach the top level in this game because of the low score required.

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Play with friends

In this sport it is very important to play in a team with teammates. Playing alone in this game is never recommended, as it can be a bit difficult to reach high levels in singles, and at the same time it does not give the player high rank points.

Playing with friends and players in this game increases the chances of survival to reach the maximum winning rank, more coordination, better strategy.

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