How to prevent Facebook from being hacked : how to prevent Facebook from hacking : How to prevent keyloggers

How to prevent Facebook from being hacked : how to prevent Facebook from hacking : How to prevent keyloggers

How to prevent Facebook from being hacked :

In today’s time, many people want to hack Facebook, so that’s why I am going to tell you how you can save your Facebook from being hacked in a new way (How To Save Facebook From Being Hacked) so if you want to know how to prevent facebook from hacking then read this article completely once.

Friends, nowadays hacking is being done a lot, but we have to save our Facebook from being hacked because hackers use many ways to hack facebook id, so I will tell you 5 such ways by which you can make your Facebook save from being hacked, then you must read all these methods, because all these methods are ways to avoid facebook account hack.

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Friends, in the last article, I told you how to hack facebook id. So in today’s article, I will tell you the ways to avoid Facebook from being hacked because security is the first priority for things online, so that is why it is very important for you to know about all this, only then you can be careful from hackers.

How to prevent Facebook from being hacked : how to prevent Facebook from hacking : How to prevent keyloggers
How to prevent Facebook from being hacked

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how to prevent facebook from hackers

Friends, most hackers use all these methods to hack Facebook, so how you have to avoid it, it has been told below in the details, after this you will know everything that how you can save facebook from being hacked, that too in details, so you Do read about all the methods.

1) Tips to prevent phishing attack

Friends, to hack Facebook, most hackers do Phishing attack because it is a best working method for hackers, that’s why phishing is still the most popular hacking method which is used to hack Facebook ID. But every social account can be hacked by phishing attack, I have already told about it from where we can get more information.

Friends, first of all, you never have to login your Facebook account from any other website, that is, whenever you send a message and say that you login to it, only then you can do something, then I want to tell you that you should avoid it. This means that you do not have to login, that is, you have to first see the URL, if there is a URL of the official facebook page, then only you login.

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Whenever you get this message, first of all you have to login with Chrome browser because chrome browser can identify phishing page, so you should use chrome browser only.

Whenever you have some such email in which you are told to login to facebook, you have to avoid such email i.e. do not open the mail like this.

2) How to prevent Facebook from being hacked by keylogging

Friends, most hackers use keyloggers to hack Facebook, now this is friends, you can hack any social media account with keylogger, you have to follow some steps to avoid being hacked by facebook.

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Whenever you download an application, then you should download it from a trusted website because in today’s time there are many types of websites which you should never use because many types of scripts run in all those websites, due to which your The keylogger is more likely to be installed in the device.

Whenever you insert any USB Drives in your computer, first of all scan it so that you can know about the virus and you can be safe.

You always have to keep a good antivirus and you should always stay away from the keylogger, you always have to keep checking such applications in your phone.

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How to prevent Facebook from being hacked : how to prevent Facebook from hacking : How to prevent keyloggers
how to prevent Facebook from hacking : How to prevent keyloggers

3) Saved Passwords From Browser

Friends, hackers also use this to hack facebook because this is also a very good hacking trick from where you can hack facebook account, friends, what happens in this that when we login to something in our computer or mobile then that The browser tells us whether you want to keep the password saved and when we save it, we can see it later.


You never have to save your login id in the browser, whenever you are asked to save, you always avoid it.

Always use strong password in your computer so that your password cannot be hacked.

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4) how to prevent facebook hacking with mobile phone hacking

Friends, your Facebook can also be hacked by phone hacking because millions of Facebook users access Facebook through their mobile phones. If the hacker gets access to the victim’s mobile phone, then he can access your Facebook account. The most popular mobile phone hacking software is Mobile Spy and Spy Phone Gold.

  • Always use trusted mobile security and antivirus in your phone
  • You should never install any application from anywhere
  • Uninstall suspicious applications from your phone

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5) How To Prevent Facebook From Being Hacked By Sidejacking With Firsheep

Now this is our sidejacking with Firesheep friends, mostly hackers use it the most because Firesheep works only when attackers and victims are on the same WiFi network. That is, when the attackers and the victim are connected to the same wifi, then this attack works and it mostly happens on using free wifi.

  • You always have to avoid HTTP website ie do not use such locking cookies
  • When you complete your task, always keep the website closed
  • You never have to use open wifi network
  • You always have to use a good VPN

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