How to make a melon Farm in Minecraft : watermelon farm minecraft

How to make a melon Farm in Minecraft : Step by step guide to build a melon farm in Minecraft

Melon Farm in Minecraft

Melons are one of the easy food sources to grow in minecraft games because melons in minecraft are produced by breaking the seeds of 0-3 melons, which can be found in villages in savanna and desert biomes. In addition, in Minecraft, players can find melon seeds in dungeons, mineshafts, woodland mansions.

Unlike other crops such as wheat and potatoes in Minecraft games, melons need two blocks to grow, one for the stem of the watermelon in Minecraft and the other for the watermelon that the player can cut.

In Minecraft, players can grow melons by using a hoe on a block of soil to turn the melon into a field and then planting melon seeds on it. We told this article is a guide for players who want to build an automatic watermelon farm in Minecraft. Below is a list of the items needed for this specific design:

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  • 40 pistons
  • 40 spectators
  • 56 Rail
  • 34 powered rails
  • 40 redstone dust
  • 40 Melon Seeds
  • 2 hoppers
  • 2 chests
  • 1 minecart with hopper
  • 1 water
  • 1 glowstone
  • 1 slab
  • 128 temporary blocks
  • 1 hoe

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Steps to make a melon Farm in Minecraft

Step 1: Build the Collection System

How to make a melon Farm in Minecraft
make a melon Farm in Minecraft (Image Via: Shulkercraft)

In Minecraft, players need to dig a 10×9 hole that is two blocks deep. After this, the rail and powered rail have to be placed in Minecraft in the same pattern as shown in the picture. And then players need to place a redstone torch under all the blocks on which the powered rails are placed.

Now the player must place the minecart with a hopper and then push it to move on the rails. In the Minecraft game, this hopper collects all the melons of Minecraft and puts them in chests that the player will build in the next stage.

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Step 2: Build the Storage System

How to make a melon Farm in Minecraft
make a melon Farm in Minecraft (Image Via : Shulkercraft)

To build a storage system in Minecraft, players have to dig a 2×2 hole that is one block deep. The player then has to place the double chest on the part of the hole that is not under the rail.

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Step 3: Preparing the Field

How to make a melon Farm in Minecraft
make a melon Farm in Minecraft (Image Via :sportskeeda)

Now players have to build a layer of dirt 1 block above the railway where the melon seeds will grow. After doing this the players have to add water to the nearest block in the middle.

Players can easily do this by removing the dirt block, placing a slab, pouring water on it. After doing this the player has to place a glow stone over the water to hide it. The player must ensure that the crowd does not spread inside the field.

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Step 4: Build the Farm

How to make a melon Farm in Minecraft
make a melon Farm in Minecraft (Image Via : sportskeeda)

After completing the previous step the player needs to draw a checkerboard pattern with the spade. Once the field is ready, the player has to place the seed in the field.

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Step 5: Adding the Piston and Observer

make a melon Farm in Minecraft

Players will need to build a temporary roof to house the pistons and observers, which should be two blocks above the field. Then the player has to put the piston down on all the empty dirt blocks where the weeds will grow.

Whenever observers begin to notice an increase in the stems of the watermelon, it sends a red stone signal to the piston, which will push the melons and break them. In minecraft, melons that fall on the ground are collected in minecart through hoppers and kept in chests. Using redstone on each of them would power up all the supervillains and then assume that the construction part of the farm is complete.

This design will produce over 1100 melons per hour, making it one of the most efficient and high-profit watermelon farm designs in Minecraft.

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