How to Make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft

Minecraft Lightning Rod: What it does and how it is made.

How to Make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft

How to Make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft

The Minecraft game’s Caves and Cliffs update is all set to overhaul the underground world of Mojang’s blocky sandbox later this year, and a lot of new content has been added to the first part of this Minecraft update. One of them is Minecraft Copper, which is pretty easy, because that’s exactly what you’ll need to make a lightning rod.

But players may be wondering what does a lightning rod do in the Minecraft game and if it’s worth making one for you. You don’t have to worry, today I’m here to help: here’s all you need to know about Minecraft lightning rods, including what they do and how to craft one.

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Method to make a lightning rod in Minecraft

It’s very easy. The hardest part is locating the copper, though players should be able to find it easily: the player has to look for underground stone or dark slate blocks with ray and orange flicks as in the image above.

How to Make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft
How to Make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft pe

Once the player collects the copper, the player must use a furnace to melt it into ingots – a Minecraft blast furnace will do this even faster. Now the player has to take three copper ingots and place them in a vertical line in the middle of their crafting table and you are all set.

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What does a lightning rod do in the Minecraft game?

Light sticks are placed on top of flammable structures in Minecraft to absorb any direct lightning strikes that could damage your base. There is absolutely no chance that your entire house will burn down due to a lightning strike, but it is better to be safe nonetheless.

A Minecraft Lightning Rod emits a redstone signal when struck by lightning in Minecraft. It can also be easily triggered by an enchanted trident channeling during thunderstorms. So if players are building automatic mechanisms in their blocky world, the Minecraft Lightning Rod is a useful tool for them.

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