how to make a creeper farm in Minecraft

how to make a creeper farm in Minecraft

How to make a Creeper farm in Minecraft ?

Creepers are absolute nightmares for players in the Minecraft game. When building something in a Minecraft game, the last thing players want is for a creeper to stealthily destroy the building.

Although creepers are terrible, they are considered one of the best sources of gunpowder in the Minecraft game. However manually killing the creepers can be a slow process. Players are able to build creeper farms to get loads of ammo in the minecraft game.

This article from our guide does a step-by-step guide to making a simple creeper farm in the Minecraft game.

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Method to make Creeper Farm in Minecraft

Here we have told you about the items needed to make the Minecraft game Creeper Farm. The player should make sure to have all these items ready before starting to build the farm.

  • wo hoppers
  • Two chest
  • Lots of trapdoors
  • Lots of building blocks
  • two cats
  • Lava bucket
  • four signs
  • 12 carpets

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Step 1: Make a 3×2 Pits

How to make creeper farm in Minecraft
How to make creeper farm in Minecraft ( Dig pit )

The first step for players to build a creeper farm in Minecraft game is to build a cistern three blocks long and two blocks wide. This creeper farm can easily be built on any biome in the overworld except the mushroom biome.

After making the pit, the player has to build a 2x2x2 wall of solid blocks on both the sides of the pit as we have shown in the picture also.

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Step 2: Next step is to Build Structure for the Farm.

After completing the first step, the player’s next move is to place three blocks diagonally on both sides of the pillars. After placing the last block, the player must extend it to form a line of five blocks on either side.

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How to make creeper farm in Minecraft
How to make creeper farm in Minecraft ( Join Slides)

The player then has to join the two sides using blocks. The player must repeat the same move on the other side of the field. and they need to increase the height of the block by one block.

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Step 3: Build the Trap Doors Roof.

How to make creeper farm in Minecraft
How to make creeper farm in Minecraft ( The ceiling of trapdoors)

This creeper farm needs a lot of trapdoors because the entire ceiling of this creeper farm is made up of trap doors. Which is also done to prevent mobs like zombies, skeletons from spawning. Since creepers in Minecraft are afraid of cats, players in Minecraft can also use vines to lead them to the death chamber.

In the next stage the player must place a trap door in the center of the wall. The player has to do this for both sides. The player then has to install trap doors on the top edge of the blocks and build the roof.

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Step 4: Add the Cats.

How to make creeper farm in Minecraft
How to make creeper farm in Minecraft (Bring Cats )

After completing the previous stage the player has to add cats to scare away the crawlers. In Minecraft, players can use cod to tame cats. After domesticating the cats, the player has to take the cats to the terrace of the farm and nudge them on the trap door. Players will have to do this for both sides and do not forget to make them sit.

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Step 5: Build the Roof of the Farm.

Since Light is able to pass through trap doors, players need to cover the roof of the farm using any solid blocks. After making the Players Peak, make sure that the light does not come inside the field.

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Step 6: Place the Carpet and Trap Doors on the Pit.

How to make creeper farm in Minecraft
How to make creeper farm in Minecraft ( Put Carpets )

After completing the previous step the player’s next step is to place the carpets on both in the exact pattern. The player must ensure that the distance between each carpet is two blocks from the other.

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How to make creeper farm in Minecraft
How to make creeper farm in Minecraft ( place trap doors )

After doing this the player must place three trap doors on either side of the pit and turn them down. Creepers in Minecraft treat trap doors as complete blocks. They will easily fall into the trap while running away from them.

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Step 7: Build the Collection System

How to make creeper farm in Minecraft
How to make creeper farm in Minecraft ( Water pathway )

After completing the previous stage, the player must create a waterway leading to the hopper attached to the double chest. The player must make sure that the path is long.

The player must build a lava trap to kill the creepers at the end of the path. In Minecraft, players can also use hints to place lava on top. By doing this, the head of the creeper will die in the lava and the gunpowder that has fallen from the vines will get deposited in the chest.

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Step 8: Cultivating the Creeper

How to make creeper farm in Minecraft

The farm will be ready after this collection system is made. Players can also use scaffolding to reach higher heights in the Minecraft game. Players can also stack more piles on top of this form to increase the spawn rate of creepers in Minecraft.

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