How to level up in Free Fire very fast: reach level 100 in 1 day . free fire level up rewards 1 to 100

How to level up in Free Fire very fast: reach level 100 in 1 day . free fire level up rewards 1 to 100

How to level up in Free Fire very fast

It is well known that Free Fire is a trending game, which has 500 million+ downloads. Every player wants to become a pro in Garena Free Fire game but without achieving high level in this game the player cannot become a fully pro.

So here is the complete article on level up in free fire game. After reading this article of ours you will definitely be able to level up and reach the highest level in Free Fire game, so without wasting time let’s start today’s article.

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How to Level Up in Free Fire (Free Fire Level Up Hack )

How to level up in Free Fire? Can we increase free fire level in 1 day? If you also want to know all this, then the answer is yes. You can raise 1 level in Free Fire in 1 day but you have to play for 1 day in a row to level up. Can you play the Free Fire game all day long? I hope your answer is definitely no. So you can also increase your level in Free Fire game by playing for about 2-3 hours or more every day according to the adjustment of your time in Free Fire.

Your level will increase very fast if your free fire account is new or if your free fire level is almost below level 30 but after level 30 your level of free fire game increases very slowly. If you play Free Fire game continuously for 1 year, you will be able to reach level 70+ very easily.

How to level up in Free Fire very fast: reach level 100 in 1 day . free fire level up rewards 1 to 100
how to level up fast in free fire

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So here are some powerful tips and tricks to level up in Free Fire.

1) Collect EXP Cards

EXP plays a major role in increasing the level of free fire in Free Fire. If you use 50% EXP card in Free Fire and play Free Fire game your level of Free Fire game increases with 2X speed. To get the free EXP card in Free Fire, you must log in to the Guild daily. You can earn 50% EXP cards in Free Fire with the Diamond Royale and Free Fire events.

2) Play ranked game only

If you want to boost the level in Free Fire then you should play ranked only game. If you play a ranked game in Free Fire, you’ll get more EXP than all the other modes available in your in-game ID. If you have 2X EXP cards in Free Fire your level will increase with 2X speed. Clash Squad Mode in Free Fire is also available in Ranked Mode but you will get very less exp in Clash Squad, so just play rake game to level up faster and faster in Free Fire.

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3) Play safe not rush

If you really want to boost the level of your Free Fire game, you have to play the ranked game safely. Most players prefer to play aggressively in Ranked Mode but if you want to get high EXP in Free Fire you have to play safe. You can choose a safe place to land and survive for at least 10 minutes while playing the game in Free Fire, and you can run over them when there are only 10 players left in the game.

This is the best and best way to get High EXP in Free Fire. If you win Boyah in Free Fire you will get a lot of EXP and your level will increase rapidly. The 2x Exp card plays a major role in Free Fire as it multiplies Free Fire’s EXP by 2 which we get after winning the match. EXP also helps a lot to raise our game level.

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4) play regularly

If you want the maximum level of battle in Free Fire, you’ll have to adjust your time accordingly.
Free Fire needs to be played regularly for at least 2 or 3 hours. Players who have been playing the Free Fire game regularly for almost 2 years, those players have definitely reached the max level.

free fire level up rewards 1 to 100

While Free Fire level up rewards are not fixed, in Free Fire each player gets different rewards for leveling up.

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