How to level up fast in Fortnite?

How to level up fast in Fortnite?

How to level up fast in Fortnite?

In Fortnite games, it can be difficult at times for players to level up their battle passes, especially as players get closer to level 100. However, the game has a few different ways to gain more experience and climb the ranks faster. In today’s article, we will give players a guide on how to level up faster in the Fortnite game.

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1) Complete the daily challenges

Players are given a new challenge every day in Fortnite, with a maximum of 3 at the same time. Those challenges can range from finding chests at a specific location to finding fishing tackle. Players are awarded a decent amount of EXP for each challenge that the player completes. Even if players don’t complete challenges every day, those players must be sure to log in to collect.

Daily challenges in Fortnite games can be re-rolled once per day. This is very useful if the player doesn’t like doing what he is offering. Need to make top 50 three times in solo.

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2) Complete weekly epic challenges

Fortnite offers players a set of 7 epic quests each week for players to tackle with weekly epic challenges. Each of them grants about 24,000 XP upon completion. Therefore, clearing them every week is a must if players want to maximize their battle passes.

New weekly challenges come into the game every Thursday at 3PM GMT and can range from simple tasks to difficult ones like finding hidden objects around the island.

fortnite level up fast

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3) Complete the weekly legendary challenges

Unlike the weekly epic quest which offers players a one-time reward of 24,000 XP upon completion, weekly legendary quests can easily be completed multiple times. However they can be very tough and there are many stages to defeat them. Each time the player clears, the player gets 45,o00 XP.

Completing these legendary quests should be at the top of every player’s list in this game, as these are the answers to how to level up fast in Fortnite, although they are quite time-consuming. For this, the player will have to do things like making weapons or taking off headshots. However, it can definitely be worth the effort.

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4) Use Party Assist

The most useful feature of the game is Party Assist for clearing quests. Any progress toward completing epic and legendary quests is shared among all team members, whether by playing with friends in Duos, Trios or Squads.

This feature is a must for clearing multiple levels of legendary quests. For example, if a quest requires the player to take 25 headshots, 4 people will be able to complete it 4 times faster than solo. Players will have to try to play in squads until they get enough levels, as singles will not allow quests to end as fast.

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5) Grind Towards Fortnite Milestones

Milestones have returned in the new season of Fortnite. It works in the same way as the punch cards introduced earlier in the game. Overall, Fortnite Milestones are a hidden quest that is revealed to players only after reaching a certain milestone.

Most of them are busy doing milestones like destroying specific objects or covering a certain distance. Overall players will probably be able to complete them during regular daily play without realizing them, but this is one of the most effective strategies in the game on how to level up fast in Fortnite.

List of all the milestones in Fortnite

Cut down trees (100/250/500/100/2500)
Full Reward (5/25/50/75/100)
Eat forage items (10/50/100/250/500)
Hunt animals (10/50/250/500/1000)
Burning of structures with fire (25/50/100/250/500)
Melee Elimination (5/25/50/75/100)
Modern Vehicles (1/3/10/25/50)
Find the Ice Machine (5/25/75/150/300)
Thanks to the Bus Driver (10/25/50/100/200)
Deal damage from above (1000/5000/10000/25000/500000)
Destroy the bushes (25/50/100/250/500)
Destroy the stones (25/100/250/500/1000)
Disguised as Dawn (3/25/50/100/200)

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how to level up fast in fortnite glitch

6) Receive a Fortnite Victory Royale.

Players will have to play Battle Royale mode, and winning it is an easy way to gain XP. The player will be awarded a small amount of XP for each kill and for each storm cycle he survives.

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