how to leave a guild in free fire before 24 hours.

how to leave a guild in free fire

how to leave a guild in free fire

Today we’re going to show you how you can leave a guild in Free Fire by following a few easy steps. It is well known that Free Fire is the most popular battle royale game in India. But if you do not know what is Free Fire? So let us tell you that Free Fire is an ultimate survival battle royale game, in this game your character is sent to an island with 50 players, including you. To win in Free Fire you have to survive till the end by killing other players.

Recently an improved version of Free Fire game has been launched named Garena Free Fire Max. This version is also very similar to Free Fire, only this version has an updated graphic.

How to Join a Guild in Free Fire. : free fire level four guild ID.

What is a Guild in Free Fire?

Free Fire gets even more amazing when playing with your friends. Plus, if you can talk with those friends while playing Free Fire, that’s a whole lot more amazing. For this, Garena Free Fire has created a system known as the Players Guild. If you don’t know what a guild is, let us tell you that it is a clan, or you can also call it a group of players in Free Fire where you can play with your friends, and You can talk with your friends.

In Free Fire you will see a friends list and guild members section on the left. You can have up to 150 members on that friend list, and players in the Guild section of Free Fire can only have up to 45 members. If you want to see your guild name and guild badge in Free Fire, you can easily find them in your Free Fire game profile.

When playing Free Fire for the first time, it’s as if you accidentally joined an unknown guild. Now you don’t know how to get out of that guild. But in today’s article you will learn how you can very easily leave a guild.

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How to leave a guild in Free Fire?

The process of leaving the clan in Free Fire is pretty simple, all players have to do is follow a few easy steps.

1) First go to the Guild section.

2) Now go to the members list.

how to leave a guild in free fire
how to leave guild in ff – how to leave a guild in free fire before 24 hours

3) Now go to the “door” symbol in the lower-left corner of the screen.

4) Click “OK” to leave the guild.

how to leave a guild in free firea
how to leave guild in ff – how to leave a guild in free fire before 24 hours

5) If you want to join a Level 4 guild in the Free Fire game, you can click here to see the full list of new guilds with joining IDs. If you want to get 9999 diamonds for free in your free fire game account, you can use diamond generator tool in free fire game.

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