How to Join a Guild in Free Fire. : free fire level four guild id .

How to Join a Guild in Free Fire.

How to Join a Guild in Free Fire.

Today we’re going to show you how players can join guilds in Free Fire. Free Fire game is the most downloaded game in India. This game has more than 600+ million downloads in google play store. Free fire game has an amazing combination of survival and battle game. Developers have added a new feature to Garena Free Fire which is known as Players Guild.

If you do not know what a guild actually is in Free Fire, then we will tell you that a guild is a clan, or you can also call it a group. In a guild, players can play with and interact with guild members. Now if you don’t know how to join a Guild in Free Fire, read our today’s article till the end.

How to Join a Guild in Free Fire.
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How to Create a Guild in Free Fire.

How to Join a Guild in Free Fire

The process of joining a Guild in the Free Fire game is very simple. Players just have to follow the procedure which we have mentioned in today’s article.

First go to the Guild section. If you are already in a Guild you can view the Guild details in the Guilds section. If you are not in any Guild, you will see the option to enter the Guild in your screen. After clicking on that option you will see a list of clans on the screen of your mobile. If you want to join any one of that clan, then you have to click on ENTER or JOIN button. Plus some guilds invite you to join their clan. If you want to see invites from those guilds, you have to go to the messages section.

If you want to join a specific Guild, you will see the option to enter Guild name in your mobile screen. After entering the name of the Guild you will be shown the Guild. After that you have to submit the request, and then you have to wait for a while. When the leader of that clan accepts your submission, then you will be able to enter that clan.

Now you know how to quickly join a guild. But if you don’t know which guild is the best, keep reading our article on how to find the best guild and how to join the best guild.

How to Find the Best Guilds to Recruit

Finding the best Guild in Garena Free Fire shouldn’t be a big deal to you if the recruiters know the exact process of finding the best Guild. The purpose of adding a guild option is to help new players and make things easier than ever. Once a player joins a guild, players can improve their gaming skills by playing with supportive guild members and making new friends. Also players can play tournaments on behalf of their clan.

How to Join a Guild in Free Fire.

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Follow the steps below to get the best Guild in Free Fire:

1) Open Free Fire.

2) Click on the Guild section on the right menu bar on the home screen.

3) If you already know the name or ID of a best guild, search for it using the search bar.

4) Click on the Guild to send a request to join the Guild

5) If you don’t know the name of the best guild, you’ll need to select a guild from the list available. Always apply for a best guild.

6) By following these steps you can get the best Guild very easily.

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Guild Types in Free Fire

Guilds are mainly of two types:

1) Auto approve
2) Approve

Players can easily join the auto-approval guild without having to send a request or wait too long. You can become a member of a player specific clan by clicking the join button.

Players in approved guilds have to send a request to join their guild. After submitting the request, the request goes to a Deputy Leader or Leader of the Guild. Only when that leader accepts your request will players be able to become members of that guild. However, you have to remember that leaders can also decline your request to join a guild.

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If you want to find level four ranked guilds in Free Fire, here are the steps to find them.

1) First go to the Guild section.
2) Click on the guild’s search bar.
3) Click Filter.
4) Choose a level 4 guild.
5) Refresh the screen.

All the guilds you see on your mobile screen will be of level 4.

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