How to increase FD in BGMI (Battleground mobile india) ?

The average F/D ratio of a player in BGMI is 1.00.

How to increase FD in BGMI

How to increase FD in BGMI?

You must be aware that except for some features and rules of both Battleground Mobile India and PUBG Mobile, both these games are almost identical. So if you were a regular player of PUBG Mobile game then knowing the gameplay of BGMI would not face any problem.

Most players who play BGMI work hard in each season of the game to make good stats in the game.

One of these BGMI stats is the F/D ratio, which is directly related to player kills in a BGMI game. If you improve the F/D ratio statistics in BGMI then your gameplay will improve tremendously.

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What is the F/D ratio in BGMI?

The more kills you have in BGMI, the higher your F/D ratio. F/D also known as kill death ratio in bgmi, F/D in bgmi refers to the number of enemies you have defeated while surviving the game. Many people also call F/D as K/D. The F/D ratio in BGMI is calculated in classic matches only in TPP and FPP modes.

The average F/D ratio of a player is around 1.00. If the ratio in the game is less than 1.00, it means that the player is killing more than the other player himself. And if the ratio in the game is above 1.00, it indicates that the player is killing more enemies than dying.

How to increase FD in BGMI
how to increase kd in bgmi – bgmi f/d ratio –

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Tips to Increase F/D Ratio in BGMI:

  • improve targeting skills
  • Use the best weapon in every match
  • practice fighting regularly
  • Customize Sensitivity Controls

How to Increase FD in BGMI?

Here are ways to increase the FD in BGMI. (bgmi f/d ratio increase )

1) Have a Proper Squad

You have to make sure that you have a proper team while starting the match with your friends. Everyone in the squad must have knowledge of each player’s gameplay techniques. As you all know BGMI each other player’s technique, it helps a lot to increase F/D ratio in such game. You have to remember that if you want to increase the stats in the game then never play with random player.

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2) Proper internet connection and a good equipment

It is very important to have a mobile phone and a stable internet connection whenever you play games. Because in any game the player gets a reasonable Frames Per Second with a good equipment and there is less lag in close firing also.

3) Play Solo Vs. Squad Matches

To increase F/D ratio in BGMI game you have to play Play Solo Vs. Squad matches should be played.

Solo Vs Squad in BGMI means there will be no one to steal your kills, and Play Solo Vs. You will get more kills by playing Squad matches.

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4) Improve Your Targeting Skills

You have to use your thumb to aim fast. However if you are a gyroscope player, you will have to use thumb instead of gyro. Using the thumb, you’ll be more precise when aiming.

5) Use the Best Weapons

You have to use the best weapons to increase your F/D ratio in the game. Using an assault rifle in BGMI is best for increasing the F/D ratio. This is the best weapon in BGMI to switch to another if you run out of ammo. You can also use M249, M762, AJN, GROZA and MK14.

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