Complete information on how to hit a headshot in Free Fire

Complete information on how to hit a headshot in Free Fire

Complete information on how to hit a headshot in Free Fire

Friends, nowadays everyone wants to become a pro player in the free fire game and if you do not have good shooting skills in your enemies then you will never be able to become a pro player, by the way, many more skills are necessary to become a pro player. But the most important skill is to shoot on the head of the enemies i.e. to hit the headshot.

If you hit the enemy with a headshot, then he will be killed in a few bullets. If you also want to know that free fire me headshot kaise mare  then you have come to the right article.

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What is Headshot?

First of all we know what is a headshot, so friends, whenever we shoot at an enemy to kill an enemy in free fire game, then if the bullet fired by us hits the enemy’s head, then it will be called headshot. , and if the bullet hits his body, it is called a bodyshot. Now whenever we fire bullets at the enemy, it goes to the enemy’s body, if we hit all the bullets on his head i.e. headshot, then he will die in just two or four bullets and you will win the free fire game easily.

If you want to hit a headshot, you only have to use guns like the M1040, and the M4A1 as these guns have a very low recoil, making your chances of hitting a headshot high. And you will find both of these guns in many places in Free Fire. If you used the headshot settings mentioned in this article, then only use these two guns, then only you will be able to learn to hit the headshot correctly.

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Complete information on how to hit a headshot in Free Fire
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how to hit headshot in free fire

To hit headshots in Free Fire, you need to apply the following settings to your game:

1) First start the free fire game and then you will see the icon of settings in the right corner of the main screen of your game, click on it.

2) Now you will find the option of Controls on the third number in the settings, go to it and turn on both the options “Quick Weapon Switch” and “Quick Reloading” and then click on Save Settings.

3) Now you will get the option of a sensitivity on the third number, click on it and set the “General” setting to 40 and the “Red Dot” setting to 10.

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4) After that set both the settings of “2X” and “4X” to 60 and after that set the sensitivity to 0 and click on save.

5) If you start the game after applying these settings low then you are ready to hit the headshot.

These settings will work perfectly if both your phone and the game are updated to their latest versions. If you want good results, then you can use these settings on the training ground of Free Fire first, if you hit the headshot in the best way then you can apply these settings to Free Fire matches. And if you are not able to hit headshot with these settings, then you can make slight changes in it, and if you apply these settings and practice continuously, then these settings will help you a lot in hitting accurate headshots.

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Last word

Friends, all you have to do is to apply the settings given above in this article in your free fire game and after that you will learn to hit the headshot.

If you want, you can use only snipers guns in free fire to learn headshots because snipers guns have a lot of damage, and also these guns already have a scope which helps you to aim the enemy on the head. Will do If you still have any question in your mind, then you can comment below, I will definitely give you the answer. And if you want Elite Pass in Free Fire Free, then you can get it by clicking here, you will get all the emotes for free along with Elite Pass.

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