How to hide apps on android , iPhone 2022 (No root) | Dialer vault hide app | How to hide apps and videos .

How to hide apps on android , iPhone 2022 (No root) | Dialer vault hide app | How to hide apps and videos .

How to hide apps on android , iPhone 2022 (No root) | Dialer vault hide app | How to hide apps and videos .

Are you also fond of playing games and you also love to play online games. Because most of the smartphone users keep online games in their phones and there will be hardly any person who has not played the games.

But the parents of many of us consider playing games to be a very bad habit and they constantly inform us that games are a useless thing and sometimes it happens that they delete the games from our phone. Inform us that now you do not have to download games again.

If it happens that Games is present in your phone and no one even knows, then it is 100% possible to do this. Yes friends, you can hide the games in your phone and no one will even know, for this you have to download App hiding application.

With which you can hide your game very easily, that too in a very safe way, I will tell you about such an app so that no one will doubt that any game is also present in your device if you use these apps. If you want to download then stay with us till the end.

hide game apps download

So let’s know about how to hide apps without wasting time, so that you can easily hide your games without anyone knowing, no matter how big your game is, now you can easily hide it.

1) App Hider – hide Apps & Games

Whether you want to hide any game, whether it is PubG mobile india, Free Fire, Call of Duty, no matter what games and apps in the world, you can do it in this App hider, parents of many people uninstall the game because they know Looks like you’re playing a game

But now you will not be able to do it, it does not matter because when you download this app, it creates two copies of any game and app. A game will remain outside and will be hidden in an app hider, even if someone deletes the outside game, it does not matter because a game will be hidden in the app hider.

Whenever you want to play the game, you can break the lock of app hider through password and in this your game and app will be hidden.

Features Of App Hider

• Hide Apps
• Clone Apps (dual apps)
• Hide Photo,Picture,Videos
• Hide My Selfe
• 64 bit Supported
• android 8 Supported
• Much More.

App Hider is a Trustable locker app and it has been downloaded by 10 million people so far and we found it on playstore on 29 Sep 2017.

App NameApp Hider
Size9.2 MB
Rating4.1 Star
Download10 Million+

Dialer Lock – App hider

If you are looking for a locker app that is in your mobile and no one will even know, then Dialer lock has been brought for you because in this you will get the security according to your mind because this app is absolutely any dialer call from above. But you will be able to hide your own Heavy Games & Apps in it.

In this you will get to see many icons called Calculator and Dialer and when you download it in your smart phone, you will get to see its best interface and you can change anything according to your wish by going to its setting option.

Dialer Lock is capable of hiding any kind of apps and games and you can keep your privacy by hiding these apps. And it is one of the list of very reliable apps.

Features of Dialer lock

• Hide all installed app
• Password protection
• Used on mobile phones
• 5.Open the app just standard calculator
• Hide Notification
• Hide Apps from recent
• Gallery Module to hide photos
• Add shortcut
• Hide Videos and play Videos
• Much More.

Dialer Lock has been downloaded by 50 lakh people so far and it was released on playstore on 30 jan 2019 and you will get to see its updates continuously.

App NameDialer Lock- App Hider
Size9.2 MB
Rating4.1 Star
Download5 Million+

3) Game Lock

As friends, you must be getting to know from the name, what type of application is this because it is specially designed to lock games and you will get to see some similar interface, so you can hide the app in it as well. According to my information, it will give you very safe and secure protection.

GameLock is a security tool that will go a long way in protecting your privacy and keeping your phone safe from annoying people GameLock can hide all kinds of apps and protect your privacy with complex passwords. Is.

In this, you can hide all Games, Apps photos and Videos and in this you are given a security password, in which the option of Pattern Lock, Finger Print Lock and Numeric Lock is also given, you can make your security high by using whatever you want as per your wish. can.

This app has been downloaded by 1 million people so far and its developer is Gato Negro and it was shown to us on playstore on 11 sep 2018.

App NameGame Lock
Size12 MB
Rating4.1 Star
Download1 Million+

4) App Locker – Lock Apps

App Locker is a great tool to protect all types of apps and games, in which you are given fingerprint lock, pattern lock and password lock, using which you will be able to protect all your types of games and apps.

App Locker can lock almost all kinds of apps like Social Media Apps, Messaging, Gallery, Contacts, Settings, Online Games and it is a very popular app that gives you utmost trust security.

Now you don’t have to worry about any friend seeing your gallery, message chart, call and also don’t worry about your social media apps and you don’t even worry about your own device setting that he is in your settings Can make any changes.

App NameApp Locker – Lock Apps
Size13 MB
Rating4.5 Star

5) AppLock- Fingerprint

App Lock is the most popular app and you can guess its popularity from the fact that it has been downloaded by 50 million people so far and in this you will get to see Variety of Themes in which you will be able to keep your privacy confidential.

In App Locker you can protect all types of social media chatting and all types of apps and also hide your mobile games so that your data will be completely safe and must download it.

This app was released on 12 Oct 2016 on playstore and so far it has been downloaded by 50 million users and 7 lakh 12 thousand reviews have been written that too with 4.5 stars.

App NameAppLock- FingerPrint
Size8 MB
Rating4.1 Star
Download50 Million+

6) Keep Lock – Lock Apps & Privacy

The app you need to protect you is the best app to protect your games and apps Keep Lock is the best locker to hide your privacy. It helps you hide Apps, Games, Photos, Videos, Messages, and Notifications.

Keep Lock is very easy to use and the security is 100%. And in this you can hide popular games like Online Games free Fire, Bgmi, Cod and your parents will not even know that you have downloaded any game.

Features Of Keep Lock

• Game & App Lock
• Photo & Video Vault
• Introducer Snapshop
• Fake Icon
• Hide Notification
• Multiple Unlock Method
• System Lock
• Much More.

Keep Lock was released by Apps Innova on playstore on 22 jan 2019 and so far this app has been downloaded by 10 million people and rating of 4.3 stars proves that it is Trustable app.

App NameKeep Lock
Size15 MB
Rating4.0 Star
Download10 Million+

7) Secret App Lock For Android

This app is very secure and you can give your trust on it it is a privacy guard which provides very tough security to your Games and Android App through pattern, password and pin lock.

Secret App Lock is very easy to use. In this you are given security lock pattern lock which you can use in your smart phone tablet, and in this you can adjust not only apps but also games, photos, videos and all other data in it.

Features Of Secret App Lock

• Easy And Fast
• 3d Secure Sacn
• Privacy Guard Lock
• Easy to Use app hide
• Change Password
• Photo & video Vault
• Change Password
• Much more.

App NameSecret App Lock For Android

8) App Hider Lite

Today I am going to tell you about the app that will be very special for you because the interface of that app will look like a calculator, from the top it will be seen that there is a calculator but in it you can play any type of game and apps. can hide.

And this is the Lite version of the App hider mentioned above and you must use it, it is only 6.7 Mb. And you can make clone version of any app in it.

Even if an app is deleted from outside, it does not matter that there will be an app hidden inside app hider lite whenever you want to play hidden games, you can go to the calculator and start the app game with your password.

App NameApp Hider Lite
Size6.3 MB
Rating4.1 Star
Download1 Million+

9) App Lock Go

App Lock go is available with finger print lock and is the choice of 10 million Indians. It protects your apps confidentially with password, pattern, finger print lock and gallery lock. And this is also a Trustable app which is very much liked by the people of India.

In this you keep app lock, gallery lock, sms, contacts, social media, messanger apps, settings and most important games safely and it is very easy to use and the special thing is it can also be invisible.

App Lock Go is absolutely free application that protects your data from intruders and makes your data absolutely secure. And the best thing about it is that the protection of invisible pattern is given in it.

App NameApp Lock Go
Size21 MB
Rating4.2 Star
Download10 Million+

10) Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint Lock App helps to hide and lock pictures. AppLock Fingerprint helps you hide your apps fast and hide photos videos private passwords all of them and helps you to maintain your privacy.

If anyone wants to activate any private app like your facebook whatsapp free fire call of duty pubg, then he should know your private password only then he can see your secrets.

App NameFingerprint Lock
Size17 MB
Rating4.0 Star
Download10 Million+

last word :

So friends, today I gave you information about Game Hiding Apps, I hope that you have found this information told by me very useful, if you have any question, then definitely tell us on the comment, we will definitely answer your questions till then. Thank you

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