How to get pets in Free Fire?

How to get pets in Free Fire?

How to get pets in Free Fire?

Pets are very beneficial in Free Fire game because of their powerful ability. Most players want to get a pet in Free Fire without spending the hero. So that’s why we have come up with a complete article for you that will tell you how to get pets for free in Free Fire game. Players will definitely get pets for free after reading this article of ours, so without wasting any time let’s get started.

How does a pet appear in the Free Fire game?

How to get pets in Free Fire

The very first pet in the Free Fire game was a cat. That cat is also known as Kitty, and this cat comes for free in the gold royal. But none of the skills are available in Kitty, so this cat is not valuable for the latest version of Free Fire game. Fire Kitty comes into the game for testing purposes only. So at that time all the players get it for free. Whenever the test is successful, Free Fire launches multiple pets with different types of abilities one by one via top-up events. In the latest version of the Free Fire game Pet comes to the Free Fire game with a variety of events.

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How to get pets in Free Fire?

Here we have listed some of the best and safest ways to get pets in Free Fire game for free.

1) Get Free Pets in Free Fire Using Pet Generator

How to get pets in Free Fire

Pet Generator Kitty in Free Fire game is a tool to bring pets like Shiba for free. Although there are many pet generators available on the internet, below we have listed 100% working pet generators. Follow these steps correctly to get free pets.

1) Open Free Fire Pet Generator from this link.

2) After the mentioned link is opened, enter your FF-ID there.

3) After entering your FF ID click on submit button.

4) Now you will get a kitty pet for free.

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2) Get free pets using special airdrop

How to get pets in Free Fire – get free pet in Free Fire

Lots of players get pets for free using this method. Using this method, players can get Robo Pet, Night Panther Pet for free. A lot of players use this method to get pets for free. Using this method, players can get Robo Pet and Knight Panther Pet for free.

1) Click on this link and download all the zip files available there.

2) Now you have to paste the zip in the OBB folder of your phone.

3) Now open the free fire game, by doing this you will get 10rs special airdrop with pet.

4) Now open Special AirDrop and click on Purchase.

5) Doing so will give players a free robo pet along with some free prizes.

6) Click here to buy the special AirDrop for free with no money.

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3) Get free pets in free fire using pet redeem codes

Redeem codes are the best way to get pets for free in the Free Fire game, but finding a working redeem code is much more difficult, but don’t worry at all. Follow the steps we mentioned, by doing this you will receive an activated redeem code.

1) Free Fire Pet Redeem Code List.

WERVHKOYRDG – Redeem Code for DJ Alok

HGIPJKUTGCHTS – Redeem Code for Kitty

SPELLLOEG33R – Redeem Code for Shiba

SPEHLLPA3MPS – Redeem Code for Mechanical Pup

GHLPMPSRHTS3 – Redeem Code for Free Diamonds

HGDLKHQNJ4H – Redeem Code for Make it rain p90 Weapon Loot Crate

GFHHISHT5NHR – Free Fire diamond code

GHASFSKJHG9D – Redeem Code for Hayato

GDSSDHKH8SKR – Redeem Code for A124

ADFDGTHAW4KR – Redeem Code for Shani

SSSFHJWLKP7MB – Redeem Code for Joseph

HADFNMZXC5VC – Redeem Code for Laura

GADGNBVCXS8A – Redeem Code for Rafael

HADGBNHKS2FL – Redeem Code for Skyler

HADFNHJKSE2 – Redeem Code for Shirou

GAADFBNMZ3GLP – Redeem Code for Dasha

AADFEZXCFR8SH – Redeem Code for Chrono

AFGKJPOL8BN – Redeem Code for Kelly

SADNBVCXNM6S – Redeem Code for Clu

ASFFVBNMU7YH – Redeem Code for K Character

SDGJNKHNK66G – Redeem Code for Kapella

GGHKLMQWER5F – Redeem Code for Wofrahh

GYFBKLPONMIB – Redeem Code for Jai

SYGNKLXMNY1B – Redeem Code for Notora

GPKIBVCJLOPOL – Redeem Code for Steffie

DGHGBVLKO90P – Redeem Code for Alvaro

GJHOPMNB67C – Redeem Code for Jota

JHJKASCDDG66R – Redeem Code for Luqueta

GHBKSLPMONHU2 – Redeem Code for Street Boy Bundle

GSHNMLHGW23G – Redeem Code for Joker Bundle

QWERTGHNBV6C – Redeem Code for Dreki Pet

HGHJJKLASDFG5D – Redeem Code for Beaston pet

GHHVBNMZXC3 – Redeem Code for Rockie pet

BHBBZXCVMLP09 – Redeem Code for Mr.Waggor

VBNMLKPO12B – Redeem Code for Falcon pet

AGVHBNLPLI78K – Redeem Code for Ottero pet

BHHJHVBNMZLO2 – Redeem Code for Poring pet

HJ8BHNLAS – Redeem Code for Robo pet

HBJHDLKJHGFRY6 – Redeem Code for Spirit Fox

FGYGGHVBN89 – Redeem Code for Shiba

MKFTGHL21H5 – Redeem Code for Night Panther

MLGHGNMLK21 – Redeem Code for Detective Panda

Click here to see a list of this month’s reddem codes in Free Fire.

2) Copy any one of the mentioned redeem codes.

Free Fire Redeem Codes for Indian Servers with rewards
How to get pets in Free Fire – How to get pets in Free Fire

3) Now open the official website of Redeem Code. Click here to go to the official website of Redeem Code.

4) Log in with your Free Fire account once you have reached the official site.

How to get pets in Free Fire – How to get pets in Free Fire

5) After logging in with your account, click on Redeem Code.

6) Now enter or paste the redeem code there.

7) After entering the redeem code, submit it.

8) By doing this you will get free reward in your Free Fire account.

If the official site of the redeem code is giving you an error, then it means that either you have made an error in entering the code or the limit for entering the code has been reached.

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