How to Get Moss Block in Minecraft

How to Get Moss Block in Minecraft

How to Get Moss Block in Minecraft

The new update for minecraft brought along the caves and rocks update as well as the lush cave biome, moss blocks are a great help when it comes to composting in minecraft and it’s great for those players. Looks great for those who like to build tall structures.

Many moss blocks can also be easily obtained from the wandering merchant at the rate of one Emerald per two moss blocks, in addition to appearing in the loot chests of shipwreck naturally occurring in lush green caverns in Minecraft.

If a player has bone meal in minecraft, they can easily convert that food to block of dirt, stone, cave vine into block of moss. The lush cave in minecraft can be a great alternative to securing the bone meal method moss blocks for players unable to find the merchant.

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What else was introduced in the caves and rocks update of Minecraft?

How to Get Moss Block in Minecraft 1.17

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Caves and Rocks in Minecraft has proven to be one of the more ambitious updates in recent memory. This new version of Minecraft was released on June 8 this year for both Java and Bedrock platforms, the first part of the update for Minecraft also brought a lot of new implementations for players to enjoy, including:

  • Amethyst buds can be easily mined in cave terrain to obtain sapphire crystals. In turn, players can make them into a new spyglass, which blocks light sources.
  • Azalea bushes can be offered as part of the lush cave biome.
  • Now Big Dripleafs in Minecraft can be used for platforming.
  • In Minecraft calcite looks and can be similar to diorite which is found in caves near Amethyst.

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  • Cauldrons can now hold ice from lava and mountain biomes to make powdered ice in Minecraft.
  • Cave vines in Minecraft can now produce shiny berries that are a helpful light source.
  • Minecraft cobbled deepslate is a block that blends between cobblestone, blackstone.
  • Copper blocks in Minecraft are made of nine copper ingots that players can use for crafting and storage.
  • Oxidation in minecraft can change the weathering color of copper blocks. This copper ores is used to make spyglass, lightning rods.

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  • The Deepslate ore deposit in Minecraft is found within Deepslate. These deepslate ores include iron, gold, lapis lazuli, diamonds and redstone.
  • Axolotl in Minecraft is an aquatic mob that can provide regeneration and greatly assist Minecraft players in battle.
  • Glow Squid in Minecraft is an underwater mob that doesn’t raise the light level but gives a far from light quality.
  • In Minecraft goats are found in mountain biomes, in minecraft horns can be used to make noises similar to oncoming raids.

There aren’t too many included in this list we mentioned, and more will be on the way whenever the second part of Caves and Rocks goes live for versions of Minecraft, giving players even more fun than the first.

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