How to get legendary players in fifa 22 | fifa 22 legendary players | How to get legendary players in fifa 22 for free .

How to get legendary players in fifa 22 |fifa 22 free download

How to get legendary players in fifa 22 | fifa 22 legendary players | How to get legendary players in fifa 22 for free .

Legendary players in FIFA 22 are highly skilled football icons from the past and present. These players possess exceptional stats and can significantly improve your team’s performance. Obtaining them for free requires a combination of skill, dedication, and some clever strategies.

Play Squad Battles

Squad Battles are a fantastic way to earn rewards, including legendary players. Compete against AI-controlled squads and aim to achieve high rankings. The higher your rank, the better your rewards, increasing your chances of landing a legendary player.

Complete SBCs (Squad Building Challenges)

SBCs are a staple of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). By completing specific challenges, you can earn valuable rewards, including legendary player cards. Keep an eye on SBCs that offer legendary players as prizes and make them a priority.

Participate in FUT Draft

FUT Draft is an exciting game mode where you draft your team and compete against others. Winning FUT Draft competitions can grant you legendary players, making it a thrilling path to acquiring these football legends.

Take Advantage of Weekly Objectives

FIFA 22 frequently introduces weekly objectives that reward players for completing various in-game tasks. Some of these objectives offer legendary player cards, so be sure to tackle them as they become available.

Utilize Division Rivals Rewards

Participating in Division Rivals can earn you substantial rewards, including player packs. These packs might contain legendary players, so aim to climb the divisions and reap the benefits.

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Invest in Bronze Pack Method

The Bronze Pack Method involves buying and selling bronze player packs on the Transfer Market. While it requires patience, it can be a profitable way to accumulate coins, which you can then use to buy legendary players.

Engage in Trading

Master the art of trading by buying and selling players on the Transfer Market. With shrewd trading strategies, you can amass the necessary resources to acquire legendary players.

Follow Social Media Promotions

EA Sports occasionally runs promotions on social media platforms, offering players the chance to win legendary players through contests and giveaways. Keep an eye on their social channels for these opportunities.

Complete Milestone Objectives

Milestone objectives are long-term challenges that reward players with legendary player cards upon completion. Dedicate yourself to achieving these milestones to bolster your squad.

Participate in Live FUT Events

FIFA 22 hosts live events within the game, some of which feature legendary player rewards. Stay active in these events to maximize your chances of obtaining these coveted players.

Complete Managerial Masterpiece Challenges

Managerial Masterpiece challenges provide unique scenarios that test your managerial skills. Successfully completing these challenges can lead to legendary player rewards.

Explore the Transfer Market

While you can’t directly purchase legendary players from the Transfer Market, you can buy valuable cards and use them to complete SBCs that reward legendary players.

Join Online Tournaments

Online tournaments often offer special rewards, including legendary player cards. Participate in these tournaments and showcase your skills to secure these valuable assets.

The Importance of Patience and Persistence

Acquiring legendary players for free in FIFA 22 requires patience and persistence. Don’t get discouraged if your efforts don’t bear fruit immediately. Keep honing your skills, exploring different strategies, and enjoying the game.


In FIFA 22, the thrill of having legendary players on your squad is within reach, even without spending real money. By following the strategies outlined in this article, you can enhance your team’s performance and relish the joy of playing with football legends.

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Are legendary players essential for success in FIFA 22?

Legendary players can significantly boost your team’s performance, but success is also achievable with well-organized squads of regular players.

Can I trade for legendary players on the Transfer Market?

No, legendary players cannot be directly traded, but you can use the Transfer Market to accumulate resources for SBCs.

What are some popular legendary players in FIFA 22?

Iconic players like Pelé, Maradona, and Ronaldo are highly sought after in FIFA 22.

Do legendary players have higher stats than regular players?

Yes, legendary players typically have exceptional stats, making them valuable additions to your squad.

How can I stay updated on the latest FIFA 22 promotions and events?

Follow EA Sports’ official social media channels and check in-game announcements for the latest updates and opportunities.

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