How to get Guild Token in Free Fire

How to get Guild Token in Free Fire

How to get Guild Token in Free Fire

It is well known that Free Fire is a survival game and every player likes this game. Free Fire game is trending worldwide due to its unique gameplay experience. Guild tokens play an important role in the Free Fire game as you can exchange Guild tokens for exciting rewards.

These rewards can help you become a pro player in Free Fire, so in today’s article, we will discuss how to get Guild Tokens in Free Fire, so that you can earn new rewards with Guild Tokens.

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What is a Guild in Free Fire?

Guilds have a unique feature in the Free Fire game, in which players can create a custom match or tournament and invite their friends or enemies to play as teammates. Players can invite up to three players to play the game as their teammates and another 47 as enemies.

You can also use the invite feature to invite them to play a game or have them share a custom room ID and password so they can join your room to play the game. You can also easily see your opponents in the custom room. If you want to chat with all the players in Free Fire, you have to press the mic button. There’s also a new feature available in the Custom Room using which you can limit the ammo limit and easily customize the health points from around 100 to 500.

How to get Guild Token in Free Fire
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How to get Guild Token in Free Fire

To quickly get Guild Tokens in Free Fire, you need to follow the steps below:

1) Open Free Fire game.

2) If you haven’t joined a Guild yet, join the Guild by going to the Guild section.

3) Now click on Invite button, Invite button is available below start matching button.

4) In the invite section change the regular friends list to the guild friends list.

5) Invite any guild friend/member to join a team.

6) Play and complete clash squad matches with a guild member.

7) Now come back to the main screen of the game, then go to the events section.

8) From there select Guild Daily Quest option and then click on Claim button to get Guild Tokens.

By doing this you can easily get 20 Guild Tokens per day.

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Steps to use Guild Tokens:

1) Open Free Fire.

2) Click on the Store icon.

3) Click on the Redeem option available at the end of the options line.

4) Select the Guild option, and then choose one of the various game items.

5) Now click on the mentioned amount of Guild Tokens.

Doing so will get you the selected item.

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