How to Get Free Silver Fragments in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

How to Get Free Silver Fragments in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

How to Get Free Silver Fragments in BGMI

As you all know that different types of currencies are available in BGMI such as BP, Silver Fragment, AG, UC etc. In Battlegrounds Mobile India BP, Silver and AG are offered to players as a reward but this game UC can be purchased with real money.

Silver pieces are not available for free in Battlegrounds Mobile India as players have to complete many challenges, events, missions, etc. in the game. So let’s see what are the uses of silver pieces in Battlegrounds Mobile India and how they can be earned.

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Method to get Silver Fragments in BGMI :

There are different ways to get silver pieces in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Most of the players in Battlegrounds Mobile India mainly focus on UC and they don’t care at all about BP and silver currency in the game. If you are doing the same then you are making a mistake because in Battlegrounds Mobile India players can buy parachutes, outfits, skins, helmet skins, bag skins etc. with the help of silver pieces.

1) Rich Highest Tier

As players reach the highest level in Battlegrounds Mobile India, the number of silver pieces increases in the game. At the beginning of the new season of Battlegrounds Mobile India, players will definitely receive silver pieces.
Below is a list of silver pieces available in various levels in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

  • Bronze: 200 Silver fragments
  • Silver: 400 Silver fragments
  • Gold: 600 Silver fragments
  • Platinum: 800 Silver fragments
  • Diamond: 1000 Silver fragments
  • Crown: 1300 Silver fragments
  • Ace: 1600 silver fragments
How to Get Free Silver Fragments in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)
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2) By purchasing the Royal Pass

Once players upgrade to the Elite Royale Pass, players receive more silver pieces than the free Royale Pass. That’s why you have to buy a Royal Pass in the game. In this game players have to complete missions in the Royal Pass to get free silver Fragments. Usually, each season of Battlegrounds Mobile India games lasts about eight weeks, so players have enough time to reap the rewards in the game.

3) Events

Many events in Battlegrounds Mobile India offer players silver pieces as prizes, so all you need to do is to make sure that you participate in these Battlegrounds Mobile India events and complete the tasks described in the game. We do. Earlier in the Battlegrounds Mobile India game, players had to spend BP to buy silver pieces, but now no such option is available.

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4) Open Soldier Crates

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, players get pieces of silver by opening the soldier’s crate. However opening the crate in BGMI starts from 700BP, so players need double BP to open the crate again in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Method to open a crate in BGMI:

  • From the home page of the game, click on the crate menu.
  • Now click on Soldier Crate.
  • Keep opening the crates as much as possible.
  • Now go to the home page and click on Inventory option
  • Now click on the arrow.
  • Now tap on Dismantle option
  • By doing this you will get pieces of silver.
  • Play games with an old friend

Players get 1 point for playing a classic match with an old friend in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Once the players have redeemed the points, the players get about 15 silver pieces. A classic match in Battlegrounds Mobile India gives players around 2 points.

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